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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June Fit Comp Prep 5 Wks OUT!

May Report
Lets not talk about May, lol, it was a wash. 
Diet:  I basically did not eat enough so did not follow my diet properly although ate clean just not enough. Water, none.
Training:   hmmmm, 2 jogs? My stats still sit same as my last post with stats. 

Muscle don't look as full atm but as I train through June and practice my routine, finally……. I know my body will harden and pump. My contest weight coming in is the question, it maybe on the lighter side, but even with a hard May of training and eating I would maybe be 5 lb up and a lil firmer today.
Routine music due tomorrow, choreo and practice asap..... 

More Great News......
The reason behind my lag in May is going to be the topic of a future post…..its an awesome progression for my life and business, as well as another dream or goal checked off my list. 
I will absolutely share more of this great NEWS soon! ;)))

Conditioning Update
My legs have come back and evened out, not tree trunks yet lol but I look solid again with my symmetry closer to my norm. 

The main concern will be firming the glutes and lifting them more. And so for June training I will be adding in 100 squats 4x week.  
1 set of 10 of 10 different specific squat exercises that I know will do what I need and fast. I won't need heavy weight and can do this anywhere anytime. 

100 Squats 10x10
I am posting a demo pic of each of these squats for anyone looking to build and firm the glutes quickly, no heavy weights needed and usually not used for most of these exercises. 
This 100 squat program you are welcome to use, copy and try.  See it posted at the end.
These choices for movement are a little bit more isolated although some can be used with heavy lifts like the front squat, suitcase squat and sumo squat.  Add it in 1-3 times per week.

June Rundown Training & Meal Plan
First I will give you a rundown of my program for June. My pre comp week is a program on its own and changes from this one, come end of June. 

I have used this diet in the past, it was slightly tweaked from something that Mike Davies had given me quite a few years ago. 
Its catered to me, my needs and preferences as I have personalized this. 
I find this easy to eat and follow, at least I did. 
Now coming out of anorexia eating is a daily push but I am eager to try and see if I can get all this in. I know if I do ... my body will respond hard and fast because its been so deprived for the last few years. 

Linda Cusmano 
June 2016 

WAKE UP: Drink 16 oz of water / vitamins/fat burn-energy (I may not need this or just do coffee instead, with cream)/3 Grapefruit wedges 

TRAIN/CARDIO: 60 mins cardio (the type and intensity will depend on how skinny I am or if I need more leaning, this comp prep I seem to be lean easy and not need much cardio, do not want to come in too stringy) 

MEAL ONE: Eat 2 Tbsp of cream of rice with 4 egg whites 

MEAL TWO: Eat 3 oz of tuna with 1-2 peperonccinni and 10 almonds 

SNACK: Eat 3 large strawberries and 2 pineapple chunks 

MEAL THREE: Eat a 2 cup Romaine lettuce salad (or spinach) with 1/2 cup green beans with balsamic vinegar 

MEAL FOUR: Eat 4 oz of cod (or snapper/halibut/bass) with a squirt of lemon with 8 asparagus spears 

CARDIO: at least 40 minutes of additional cardio four nights a week. (this maybe routine work or the 100 squat addition instead, if I am cutting cardio down, if not it will be in addition to) 

MEAL FIVE: Eat another 3 oz of tuna (or on occasion, chicken) with 8 asparagus spears and 3 oz yam 
SNACK: Drink a 30 gram low carb low fat protein shake of your choice or eat 5 egg whites 

TAKE DAILY (for now) 
  • € Take (geranium) (This is a leaner, sold in the US, its actually great for asthma, not sure I will need this, not on it now) 
  • Take 400 mgs of Vitamin E 
  • Drink a minimum of 2.0 gallons of water daily 
  • Whole, organic, or fresh foods are better than frozen, frozen is better than canned 
  • 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night and 8 to 10 on the weekends if at all possible 
  • Take a recommended dose of Milk Thistle daily for next four weeks,. 

***I never sleep more than 7 hours, my body just doesn't.

Here is week one of June, I will post each week through June. Cardio is listed in the meal plan and the addition would be 5 days per week, 30-60 mins routine practice, 100 squats program 4xwk. 

June 2016 Training 


4 x 10 Leg curl ss 4 x 6 Stationary weighted lunges 
4 x 10 Leg extensions ss 4 x 10 Adductor (cable) 
6 x 15 WS hack squats 
4 x 10 Straight leg deads ss 4 x 30 Jump lunges 

3 x 15 Rear delt laterals 
4 x 10 Up-right row/1/4 lateral combo 
4 x 10 One arm cheat lateral ss 4 x 6 Heavy one arm d-bell press 
4 x 10 Shrug/Front raise combo ss 4 x 6 Pop push ups 
4 x 10 Arnold press 

4 x 10 Lying one rows 
4 x 10 RG Pull downs 
4 x 15 Sumo deadlifts ss 4 x 6 Heavy seated rows 
4 x 10 D-bell row 
4 x 10 NG Pull downs 
3 x 15 Squat thrust bench hop ups 

6 x 6 CG Bench superset 6 x 10 Bench dips 
4 x 10 D-bell skull crushers/sit up kickback combo 
4 x 15 CG push downs ss 4 x 10 Lying cable curls 
3 x 15 Over head d-bell ext ss 3 x 15 Preacher curls 
4 x 10 D-bell hammer curls 
4 x 15 Straight bar curls 

6 x 10 Incline press 
3 x 10 Incline flies ss 3 x 6 Heavy peck deck 
4 x 10 D-bell pullovers/Pike up combo 
3 x 15 Pressouts 
4 x 15,12,10,6 cable cross overs 
3 x 10 Walkout push ups 
End this workout with 10 minutes of ab work 

Obviously some of these will be confusion to you, some of the abbreviations and exercises as well as some having names that can be one of various exercise modifications. 

*Please do not take this meal and training program thinking you can just apply it to yourself, and that you can do it properly and understand it.  I post it to give you some ideas you can take and to see the format and style that is working for me right now.

100 Squats

1x10 of each

Gauntlet Squat

Doorway Pistol Squat

DB Front Squat

DB Overhead Squat

Doorway Ski Squat

Suitcase Squat

Side Squat

Sumo Squat

Sissy Squat
(any old skoolers recall this one???)

ATG Squat

If you do try this out, let me know after a week or 2 how it worked for you!
Have a great week and watch soon for my NEWS in my next post!

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