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Monday, July 11, 2016

Next Comes National Fitness Championships 2016

If you have been following my contest blog here, you saw all my layout plans for comp, which were very sound and relative...........and never executed.  I had to focus on just eating period so following any diet plan was not happening.  I jogged twice through May and June, walked though my routine and marked it a few times but never did it in studio full out, first time was on stage.  I never lifted a weight during those 2 months, I was losing weight again too fast, hit 110 and had to chill out.

Needless to say I forget a lot of my routine during pre judge and was not fully feelling it, I was thinking.  I freestyled the parts through I forgot and still managed to get a 2nd placing giving me the opportunity to take the next month to prepare for Nationals in which I know I can make a big improvement in my routine, the skills and my body.  My years of experience and the vibe of MJ got me through this BC Fitness Championships for 2016.

Now I will go to Nationals on Aug 11 I believe.  Its here in Vancouver, well New West but local enough.  This is a huge plus for me.

I will keep you posted on things here.  I am working less as I transition into some new adventures in life.
I was going to go from my gym to a new location shifting partnerships into an East Van location but at this point I am unsure if I wish to stay in Vancouver and may be looking at taking my new adventures elsewhere, or a few elsewheres.

I will focus on my online services while I am deciding what direction I choose to take.  I will continue to train people with workout programs and meal plans thorugh

For now, I prep for comp next month, contnue to see what comes that will help me choose my path forward in all the big areas of my life and enjoy the blessing of freedom and ease that is now my life.

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