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Friday, September 23, 2016

Tips for Sleek Cut Curves

All the curvy ladies 
... are you looking to get a bit more sleek, add some cuts while keeping the curves you love?  

Here are a few Diet Dos & Training Tweaks for you to apply.

Small simple changes work wonders but you must be consistent, you have to allow the time by keeping 'on track' over a few weeks steady to really see the impact of your work. Commitment.

Diet Dos

  • Make sure to vary the fats in your weekly diet.  Cutting fats down too much can make you weak, tired and stringy.  Do not hesitate to use some omega oils, avocado, nuts and plenty of fish in the meal choices each day.  This helps the fuller round looking muscle with some tone without getting too striated (fats can be used for this too if you are applying it that way, here we are not).
  • Eat every 2-3 hours even if some of those hits are just a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit.
  • Water is key for everything, all the goals, so it helps with this too.  You are not seeking a bloated look, but a full one so don't be afraid to get a gallon of water in per day on average so that you are super-hydrated and the body has no reason to hang onto water.  If you are getting fruits and veggies in daily then you are supplying in minerals and if you take supplements then even more reason for the higher water intake.  Keep the machine flowing for peak, full, toned, curves.  Your degree of cut will depend on the carbs.  If you take in starches mainly from produce you stay leaner.  If you add grains in you may find a fuller look with a nice degree of lean.

Training Tweaks

  • Choose compound exercises (ones that hit more than one muscle group in the same movement, non isolated) or combo exercises to maximize your time and effort while fat burning.  For example combine pop squats with alternating lunge leaps.  The benefit to this particular combo is working the leg all the way around and hitting from the lower back down to the calves by moving forward and back with a unilateral movement coupled with a side or lateral movement.
  • Choose days to work lighter so that you can take a fuller range of motion in the movement and work on a moderate rep pace of 1-2-3 / 1-2-3-4.  This count being 3 on the force part of the exercise or the concentric, the lifting phase.  The 4 count is the negative or the letting go phase when you return to begin your next rep.  Pause at each phase, the up and the down so to speak, just for a one beat count.  Watch your pump fill your shape right away.  With this style you would do the exercise very strictly in form maxing out the range of the joint being worked.
  • Choose days to work in movement with little rest, keep the static exercises and holds like planks for the end or another session.  You want this day to be very little rest, making sure you pace yourself.  You want to keep moving so you can't gas out but can't be lax. This is not a hi/lo but a constant.
If you are not already applying these, try it out for a shift in your body composition toward that hard curvy look.
My Bosu Booty exercise plan maybe an ebook you want to have on hand to excel in your curve sculpting at a super low price point.  Click the link below to read the details or view other ebooks that may fit toward your goals.  Take out the guess work, get your gear on and sweat yourself into your dream body.

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