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Friday, September 2, 2016

Modeling Comeback and Hot NEW Yoga Wear Ceres8

Theres a new contender in the yoga wear / fitness apparel market.

 Ceres8 working painstakingly since Ive know them, for a year now, toward perfecting a line of affordable and accessible clothing in fitness and yoga.

Active wear can be daunting in many ways from cost, durability to funciton and fashsion.
Ceres8 starting with the release of its yoga line with prototypes crafted from fabrics personally chosen by the Ceres8 founder.  Style, fit, fabric, design, right down to the creation of patterns all hand approved, traveling to China, Spain and Brazil.

The sets shown today are from the Spain creation.
This is just the begining, starting the launch with yoga pants and tops that will cause the well-known competitors to stand and take note!

Im excited to be chosen to test out this line and love the look and feel.  I have been out of the modeling scene for a few years due to personal life stuff although had a few model gigs come about during that time but I am so excited to be back into it.  I can't wait to strut it out in the other prototypes coming!

The fabric feels amazing to the touch, fits snug yet feels like comfortable, light second skin.  It covers well and is very well made.
It holds the body in a flattering way with its stitching, showing symmetrical to the body in pattern and design.  This highlights and flatters rather than accenting any areas most women are concerned of.
Free moving is how these sets feel and I absolutely love it!  The hold is firm but not binding.

Get yours at Ceres8, you will be shocked at how afforadable this line is.  Be one of the first to order this unique new line and wear it before everyone else!

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