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Monday, October 3, 2016

15 Min Cardio Hits

15 Min Cardio Hits

It can be shocking how many days can go by without a workout when you get busy and involved in things.  You think "Ill take today off, I have no choice so I will resume tomorrow".  Then things drag so your next day goes by and your day or 2 off turns into a week before you even realize it.

I like to keep a selection of cardio hits and workout blocks for clients so that when life hits they can still get a workout in.  

Depending on your life and reasons for interuptions to your workout schedule, there are a few ways to get multi tasking with your workout.

Chances are if you miss a few workouts due to life then you probably are also off with rest, eating and the rest of things.  Maybe unexpected work or travel, sick kids, damage control and obligations.

These 4 Cardio Sets can help you get something in anytime you find a moment and they fit several needs.

The Fat Burn set can be done anywhere, anytime without the dependance on anything. You can work at your pace, modify to suit any body or health concerns at the time and work at your present level.

The Muscle Endurance set enhances toning and can still be creatively done anywhere at anytime with needed modifications to fit your present fitness level.

The Stress Relief focuses on conditioning, breathing, joints and core. You can take this at your pace and will find this a blend of stretch and strength.

The Mixed Hit is muscle focused, like a circuit and works well with exercise bands which can be travelled along with you in most situations.

   No Excuses ;)) enjoy!

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