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Friday, October 7, 2016

#22pushups #22KILL PTSD Challenge

Spider Pushups using Bosu

This new Challenge is all the buzz and caught my eye when a friend was posting his pushup challenge.  Then I was double nominated!  Anyone can do it even with just air pushups, its open to all, just look at some of the videos submitted with those who have no arms and legs, those who are paralyzed or bed ridden.  There is no excuse nor cost other than a bit of creativity, maybe some sweat and muscle if you are able.  Here is the website with info.  I will be nominating some of you so watch out!!!
#22pushups To Honor Those Who Serve
I love this idea and the cause is great and the condition is personal to me.  So I am going to take it on and give it my own Angel Twist!
My 22 days posted up at the official fb page and will share it to my FitPix facebook page.

I plan to vary my pushups, vary my videos and recruit others into the mix keeping it fun and helping bring awareness to this.  Its already caught like wildfire so lets keep the numbers raising so that they can achieve their 22 million pushup goal.  You are helping to bring attention to this cause and you can bet you know someone who has this, even if they have not told others or they may not even know it themselves.  Its a sneaky and quiet problem and those who suffer are usually misjudged.
I hope many of you have joined or plan to, its such a simple effort and act on your part.

Watch for my Day 1 launch today!  Who shall I nominate first?

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