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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fitness Challenges free to join in!

My new website

is up and launched as I ramp up my Online Fitness and Weight Loss system, meanwhile putting one-on-one personal training on hold for now.

I am looking at motion forward with life, home, and business so as I look at my amazing options and opportunities, I am taking mainly online clientelle for the time being.  We shall see where the wind takes me.

There are amazing inspired ideas in play toward where my business and career direction may go but I will only share once I have secured some definates.  I am not settled on any choices yet.  Besides, why not do it all and have it all!

In the meantime, come Lift with Linda, sign up with my amazing new program which you can read more about and join at

I will also be holding free Fit Challenges so check back often, click on the Motivation tab in the main menu at my site and take the challenge!

Now that my marketing, media and online stuff is streamlined keep your eyes out for posting about the exciting events and opportunities coming up as I expand my Fitness in new ways.

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