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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Free Workouts & Cooking Demos Via Live Feed

With the new live feed features coming up in most social media, everyone is taking advantage of the fun but its a great tool for more.
Here are 3 live feed videos I took for my 3 facebook pages, links below ;))
I will be planning events in my facebook pages where you can join in at a specific date and time planned ahead, and work out with me for free!  If you cannot attend a certain live feed, the videos will remain posted on my paegs for you to view and try out at your convenience.
I will introduce you to cool new exercises, combos, functional and time effective moves to help you change things up and max your results.
I will also post some nutrition live feeds in the future as well.
If you follow along live, I can try to answer your live questions via comments.

So during my workout today I featured 3 exercises live:
First I fed live to my personal Facebook page with one of my workout exercises, one armed advanced pushups but I also showed some variations so that those who can't do them can learn, and those who can, will have an advanced version.  Progressions from beginner to advanced are shown.

Next I went to my Athlete Fan page which is recent about a year.  Here I shared a live feed during part of my workout to feature Vsits for Abs / Core. I always get asked about abs, most of it is diet and lower body fat percentage but this is how you get them sculpted and toned.  Ab muscle needs size to show, just like the other muscle.  When I first began in fitness I had a 24 inche waist, now its 26-27 yet still looks 24.
This is an advanced exercise and I did cover the beginner version as well as other variations.

The last live feed feature I chose to share for my Fitness Figure FitPix page was Pistol squats.  Again I cover the variations so that anyone can learn these or excel if they already can do them.

Try some of these out and let me know how it goes.  Add some spark to your workout and challenge yourself!
Keep your eyes out for posted events where I will let you know ahead of time when I plan some live foods covering cooking demos for nutrtion and more exercise and fitness feeds ;)))

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