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Monday, March 6, 2017

Alkaline Menu - Balance PH Diet

I use alkaline based diets a lot.  There are so many uses for this that help with general fitness results but also in pre or post competition, any kind, recreational or pro.
I like to use this to reset the system, a type of cleanse that helps the body release toxins and prepare you for a base that yields better response to nutrition and exercise.

Some of the things that trigger me to think of applying this type of diet for a week or more:
  • someone on medications short or long term
  • someone on high protein diets 
  • someone who cannot get past a plateau 
  • someone seeking detox and cleansing in particular
Our norm for most of us is a highly acid diet and lifestyle. We have a PH balance and most of us tend to need conscience attention to getting alkaline foods in our system, even if you are one of those who eat clean.
Even raw vegans can be higher in acid depending on their food item choices and the balance of those acidic and alkaline.

High Acid PH levels lead to health issues, lack of results in fitness and body goals as well as emotional and mental impact.

Im going to show you how easy it is to have alkaline menus for days or weeks with some prime examples of dishes you can use to build your alkaline menu for a day.

Here is a great food chart to help, from (zoom in to read)
alkaline food chart from my book

Adding juicing to your menu boosts this big time!
Here are a few simple examples easily found online, a few of many.  The recipes are abundant for you to search.

Here are 3 choices per meal time I have chosen as examples, from  I did not post any of the juices, smoothies or drinks but take a cruise through the recipes there and look at all those beverages which make great snacks, meals or social drinks.


Visit to order your own custom menu, be it alkaline or whatever your needs.

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