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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rebounder Blast Off MiniTramp Training

Theres a silent little piece of workout equipment that has snuck into homes for many years.  To this day many are still in homes and its actually a tool that is still sold but never really talked much about anymore.

Remember the Rebounder?  The mini tramploline used for low impact cardio work enhancing strength, agility, balance and coordination in a fun way.
On occasion I need to give a client a program for their rebounder and today I am going to share one with you, for those who have one of these and do not really know how to apply some variety into your rebounding fitness program.

On a side note - those of you who do not have a rebounder but have a Bosu, can apply this with a few exercise adjustments but additionally, this can be done feet on the ground without any equipment.

Custom programs are ready for you,

Blast Off Program
1 mins jog
Air turn 180
30 secs jog
Air turn 180
30 secs jog hovering on each hit
Air turn 180
30 secs jog
Air turn 180
1 min rear lunge pu left
1 min rear lunge pu right
1 min jog
Air turn 3x90
1 min high knees
Air turn 3x90
1 min jog
1 min high knees hover on each
Double bounce high knees 2x per leg
Left side squat x10
Lateral hop over to right side
Right sides squat x10
3x lateral hop over
2 mins jog
1 min tuck jumps
2 air turns 180
4 jax
3 air turns 90
4 jax hover

*2-5 mins to pace about as you should keep moving, stretch, sip water, and wipe sweat.......repeat program once more.

I will be referring to single and double bounce which is like a single or double beat.  This is when you bounce once or twice in the particular exercise.

This is when you will try to stay in the air and hold for a brief second rather than immediate submission to gravity

Air turn
This is when you turn 90, 180 or 360 degrees in air- either clockwise or counter.

Low knees, low bounce and easy pace.

Rear lunge power up
With left leg step off back of rebounder then bend knees to lunge, power back up with the right leg and bounce up off that leg while the left leg takes knee up, then land with the right leg with control onto the tramp while the left leg again goes back into a lunge set up and repeat.
I will specify which leg to do for how long, in the following rebounder workout.

High knees
This is like the jog but you have to bring the knees up high.

Side Squat
You will step off the rebounder to the left or right side as specified then squat wide.
Lateral Hop Over
You would start off in the side squat position, left leg on rebounder with right leg on ground, bounce up landing with right leg on rebounder and left leg on ground and so on back and forth laterally over the rebounder.  It’s like a hop over with a foot switch.

Tuck jumps
This is where you bring both knees into your chest without dropping upper body too much, in mid air after each bounce.

Jax (in/out with feet)
Jumping jax while on tramp.

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