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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fundamental Four 10x10 workout

To spark up some size gains try this workout for a week or 2.  Changing up your routine in itself will ignite results but applying the Fundamental Four exercises in a 10 set of 10 rep formula, you will get some amazing gains.

You want to do 2 days on and 2 days off then repeat.  Lift what you can so that each set is challenging but completed.  This may mean lowering it slightly as you get into the higher sets or you will take bigger rests between sets as you get to the last 5 or so sets.

For Day 1 you will simply focus on Squats and Shoulder Press.  Barbell would be the best for week one then go with Dumbbells for week 2.  You can superset these or go straight sets depending on your time.

For Day 2 you will perform Standard Deadlifts then Chest Press.

This hits the biggest muscle groups but utilizes the smaller muscle groups for help.  This pretty much gets all the muscle groups if you do the exercises in correct form, speed and range.  Weight chosen should not forsake these aspects so choose wisely.

I want to emphasize that these exercises have so many applications toward many types of goals and are not simply for size.  They can be applied to enhance fat burn or sculpting and not put on much size if that is what you prefer so do not fear these exercises due to its muscle building ability when applied right.  The key is how you apply them.

The fact that they are compound muscle groups which are the largest muscle groups make them the best choices to apply toward size, when applied with the correct formulas to the correct person etc.

Try this formula out to get some gains and get past plateaus.  These are the basics, the foundation of bodybuilding and that has never and will never change.

If you want to shred more and gain less then try this with light weights, also can increase the base reps up to 20 instead.

Be Happy...... Go Lift!

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