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Friday, February 10, 2017

Athleisure & 2017 Fitness Trends

Athleisure in the park in my Ceres8,com activewear

Welcome to the year 2017 in the Millennial Generation.  Millennialism is not generational though, it's a vibe you will find with those of all ages.  Even GenXers like me have picked up on some Millennial tendencies.

Some of the 2017 Trends in Health and fitness are pretty cool and those are the ones highlighted in this post.

#NoMakeup Movement

Celebrities are posting #nomakeup pics with this hashtag proudly pushing the No MakeUp Movement.  Natural and organic is the way to go.  Aside from being easy and time saving it saves on cosmetic costs.  There are many options for safe cosmetics that won't hurt your skin or body but they can run up a bill.  I love getting dolled up for photo shoots and love the look, but I also think being without makeup is real and that eliminates the essence of FAKE.  We have enough fake smiles and 'polite' pleasantry frauds out there in hoards today, so it's nice and refreshing to see a more REALness among girls catching on as a trend.


Yes it's ok to wear yoga pants in your daily life!  If you do not agree then don't wear them, but there are reasons behind why women, MANY women, love to and do wear active wear outside of the gym. Not everyone works a wallstreet job, many now work for themselves and at home, not everyone is into being an 'image' all day, every day, fake.  Its real for many to go for comfort and cost effective fitness clothing as an everyday choice, with no makeup!  Many ladies today work what used to be considered non traditional jobs, working with their hands and 'man' tools in industry and self employment, getting their hands in the mud so to speak.

Health Tonics

Kambucha and other brews, wine with herb elixors, juicing and teas are very hot.  This is a wonderful trend, highlighting raw, whole foods, organics and REAL.  This eliminates all processing and gets you from nature to your system in a few small treatments.  
Rather than just juicing, people are now brewing and adding extras to their smoothies and juices beyond bodybuilding and eating healthier.  Focus is on details that are a custom fit to the individuals personal health needs at that moment.  Tweak your nutrient intake with some great ideas along this line.

Drinking Hard is Passe

The social scene is sobering up with more people opting for non alcohol beverages and more attention to the social aspect, the people they are with rather than the buzz.
Drinking as an excuse to get out, as a way to feel more confident interacting is common but it should be something you look at, you should not need to go about things that way and living with it affects your life as this avoidance habit and numbing habit will be your go to in other ways in your life. Look carefully and you may notice, if you are one who can be real with yourself.  Many who drink daily seem to do so for reasons other than just enjoyment on occasion.........they say its fun but if you need booze to have fun.......need I say more?

Nesting rather than going out

There are many reasons more people opt to stay home, the driving, parking or transportation there, costs that up, dealing with partiers who are over exuberant in your space at events.......being comfy at home and the trend of entertaining.
Cooking and entertaining is very common and not all frew frew any longer.  Dinner parties with formalities happen but are not the majority of entertaining anymore.  Its safer, cheaper and often tastier to enjoy a few friends at home for the game or celebration.  Cooking has become a trend itself and EVERYONE is trying it, concocting recipes from Food Channels and online that they want to share and be proud of!
More people are also opting to stay home alone more often, enjoying all our comforts in this day and age.  There really is no comfort or need you cannot establish in your living space.

Which of these trends do you fall into already? Which might you adapt into your lifestyle?

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