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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Workout Wednesday Oly Bar

Image result for types of barbellsFor those who love the BAR!  

This workout is all old skool and all Oly Bar.
Each barbell exercise is outlined and described with photos.
Some of you may want to use a body bar which comes in lighter sizes than the traditional 45lb Olympic bar and have padding surrounding the bar.  

You can also find lighter oly bars (10/25/35lb) in some gyms or can use the EZ curl bar (18.5lb avg) for these exercises.
Some of you may even still have your old York or Weider set which has a 10lb bar.

Your gym may carry the barbell rack with weights from 10-200lb barbells already set up.
Either way, you can find tools to perform this workout even if you cannot handle the normal Oly bar weight.

The benefits of this piece of equipment is the core strength you enhance in your stability for execution of most of the moves.  Of course in turn your stability is also trained along with the core strength  Its a fitness tool you can find in almost any fitness facility or center and easily bought for the home in varieties as a few shown in the intro pic.

If all you had was an Oly bar you could easily get your regular workouts fulfilled and attain amazing results.  Its a gym all its own.

Use the Knurling to your advantage.  Most bars have etched areas of the bar called Knurling and it is meant to help your grip.  Its important to have sturdy handle of this bar when training.  Chalk can be handy if you are a powerlifter but not needed for this workout.

Try this mixed into your regular program or change things up with this for a week or so doing it 3 times per week.

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