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Monday, February 13, 2017

Meal Plan Monday NEW 2017

Mondays blog posts are now going to include meal plans, recipes and nutrition on a weekly basis and todays post you get a meal plan that you can try out into spring.

Protein is part of the plan every 2-3 hours with large amounts of water also highlighted.
You can decide how loosely or tightly you decide to follow this but it can help you get into a pattern of eating and give you ideas for ways to adjust your eating toward your goals based on the format shown in this outline.

Recipes are added in to for you to try out and those meals are included in the menu.
Alterations are always something most people need in order to adjust the plan to be custom and personally fit your goals so this meal plan is no different.

Use this as a learning tool and guideline.  Enjoy the results that will inevitably come even if you loosely apply the ideas here and simply try a few things from it.

You can download and print the document below.


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