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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pyramid Workout Wednesday

Pyramid Workout Wednesday 

This week I am giving you a pyramid style workout to try out.  This will push past plateaus, increase results and shock some good sculpt into you!

Pyramids can be designed with 3 sets or more.  Usually you will see a 5 set pyramid.  You can pyramid the volume and reps in different ways depending on the results you seek.
You can go with reps like so 8/10/12/10/8 for example or go from higher to lower to higher.  You can also use same weight to push through or adjust it up or down with each set which is the traditional version.  Usually its more weight on the lower reps and lowered slightly on the higher reps.  

I enjoy the challenge of using this type of pyramid I just wrote about except I look for lean muscle growth so I will use a weight that already challenges my 8 reps, and try to use it for the higher rep step ups.  I found this works really well for pump, sculpt and lean muscle gain.

This one is a basic all body that you can try out mixed into your regular program or try it 1-3 times per week on its own, depending on your fitness level.
For full custom workouts beyond this sample I posted today, check out

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