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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workout Wednesday All Body Basic

Training at home in my fitness gear -
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Welcome to the NEW 2017 

Workout Wednesdays

Every Wednesday I will be posting a free workout that you can download, save and print for your use.  

You will also want to check out my 'Meal Plan Mondays' posts where I will be posting weekly on Mondays free meal plans and recipes that you can download, save and print for your use!  

This is a basic full body workout with easy fitness tools for at home or gym workouts.  Start off a day per week up to 3 times per week for a month.  Then it's time to change things up, either with sets, reps, weight, switch up with some of the exercises or a whole new plan,
You can also try super or tri setting these exercises or switch up from straight sets to pyramids, ascending or descending reps/wt, or drop sets where the reps go up and the weight lowers for each set for full failure.

You will find all you need, with demo pics and exercise descriptions to help you do it right!

Take a peek at my new Amazon author page where you can find more ebook programs beyond this sample, in a variety of fitness styles for different fitness and nutrition goals.

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