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Friday, September 30, 2016

Healing Herbs and Fit Flavors

Spice of Life

Do you ever stop to think about the herbs and spices you use to cook?  The more we lean toward natural holistic solutions toward health and maintaining wellness, the deeper we get into the benefits of the flavorings we use.  I personally think its super cool how the smell, the shape, texture, beauty of these plants and seeds enhance that they are secret treasures.
Being in the world of physique competitions means flavoring that aids in results and helps with the versatility toward a diet that can be limited, is a big factor.
The range of their uses raw, cooked, dried, fresh, plant and seed form is amazing.  Many can be grown at home even indoors.  Combinations can add even more flavor profiles to your meals.

The highlight is the medicinal properties and when taken in a diet consistently, can show impact over time.  Many people want a quick fix and rather get the concentrated processed versions in supplement form and that is fine, there are differing needs or reasons for that and if that is the easiest way then its better than nothing.
I like to advocate the use of these items in pure form and into the diet if possible.  Many of our ancestors knew this but they lived off the land and depending on where you are from you may benefit greatly for using those same herbs from your heritage as it is relative to your native bloods. 

Back to today, we have some very basic herbs and spices we use daily.  If you know more about the benefits you may choose to use them more often.  There is no lack for ideas and creativity finding an ease in accessibility to those ideas in seconds within a few keystrokes.

Here is a brief rundown of  common spices and herbs.  You can find hours of reading on each of these if you are partial to any in particular and wish to learn more.  You will now look at the Chia herb garden with a new appreciation ;))

One of my favorites to add to everything.  This has properties to help with stomach, digestion and in turn, also your breath.  This is an alkalizer and will help avoid water retention while aiding in your fat loss efforts.  Dried versions are fine but are not 'live' any longer.  The best bang for your buck is to use a bunch or 2 in a juice.
There are a few types of parsley but they all hold the same properties, just a different leaf shape or size.  The old habit of using this as a garnish was originally meant to eat after your dinner as a palette and breath cleanser post meal.  Essentially it's not just a pretty green on your plate.
This anti-inflammatory herb has a punch of vitamins and minerals, read more about parsley and its benefits as one of the healthiest foods in the world at these links 

A mainstay in Italian cooking, you can now find basil in deserts and drinks as well.  The types of basil can vary in color and strain coming in beautiful hues of greens and purples.  This is an alkaline herb but also an antibacterial.  Like parsley this herb is also touted as one of the healthiest foods in the world.  Read more about this nutrient dense herb and its science here Basil Facts and Research

This herb has been tapped into and has been used even in the condensed form of oregano oil, taken daily.  Nothing new to the past generations but hit the market like fire in the 90s and is still going strong.  Like basil. this one has antibacterial properties.   Used over the centuries in food and medicine for things like acne and dandruff as well as respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary to name a few.
There is no question that this one makes a huge difference to so many dishes, widely used in a high percentage of cooking.  Read more facts here Oregano Research and here Dr.Mercola on Oregano

Bay Leaf
I have a huge bay leaf tree and it was hearty, easy to grow, almost on its own.  Usually used in dried, whole leaf form, you can find this in soups, stews, roasts and most hearty foods.  Works very well with Mediterranean flavors but used throughout many cuisines.  This one has been used to treat cancer, sweating, hair, skin, joints as well as having uses in cosmetics and toiletries.  Read more about Bay Leaf facts here Bay Leaf Facts

Used to help colds, believed to relieve joint pain and proven as helpful in a poultice for a sore tooth. Mainly used in savory foods it is also used in some deserts.  Its a great and healthy alternative to mix up your peppers.  Pepper generally has benefits, no matter if white ground, pink peppercorn, fresh cracked or chili flake.  Heat is very popular, more than ever, with benefits left right and center.
Read more about cayenne pepper science here Cayenne Pepper Facts

Say goodbye to honey roasted peanuts at your gastropubs and make room for the new fun rosemary roasted almonds.  Rosemary and rock salt is another combo you will find on bagels and all sorts of treats.  Another hearty plant, I had a tree of this, its also excellent in home made aromatherapy and joint oils or foot massage oils therapeutically.  The focus on this herb is the neurological and digestive aid properties.  Anti aging is another you will see when you read up on the facts with this herb here Rosemary Facts

Sweet or savory, cinnamon is everywhere.  A common sprinkle spice that can be safely used by most and especially appreciated by those who limit sugars and sodium.  There is a few types but the most common is the less expensive version.  Widespread use of this is common and has been applied to MS, HIV, chronic wounds, alzheimer's, and diabetes.  I bet you had no idea how good this stuff is for you, but now you know, read more here Cinnamon as medicine

Don't be afraid to get spicy and now when you use these spices and herbs, you can discover and research more of them.  I added a few pictures with other herbs and some teaser info but I do encourage you to read up on one every so often and open up your cuisine repertoire while establishing stronger wellness habits into your diet through these power foods!  Science has been playing with cross strains of herbs which is not gmo, so its safe to try them.

You will find many of these are encouraged in my meal plans to help with fat loss, making healthy fat free foods a pleasure rather than a strict must.
Sign up and try out a meal plan at and watch out for and click to visit my facebook page videos where I will be giving away some of my workout and nutrition ebooks to lucky winners.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Basic Stretches Sheet for you

Basic Stretch Sheet PDF

Here is a simple handout you can use to get some stretches in daily.  Fit them in when you can through the day or do them in a session after a workout.  If any of the specific areas shown in the stretches are a problem issue then focus on at least doing that stretch a few times in your day.

It is much easier to stretch when you are warm so after moving around or walking rather than getting up from sitting and getting into the stretches.  If you have no choice but to do them cold then go easy, allow time for the stretch to extend slowly, don't force or push.  Keep it comfortable.


I have several specific stretch sheets I will apply to you with your program when you sign up at for you training and nutrition program customization.  Join today, try a month and see the results for yourself.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tips for Sleek Cut Curves

All the curvy ladies 
... are you looking to get a bit more sleek, add some cuts while keeping the curves you love?  

Here are a few Diet Dos & Training Tweaks for you to apply.

Small simple changes work wonders but you must be consistent, you have to allow the time by keeping 'on track' over a few weeks steady to really see the impact of your work. Commitment.

Diet Dos

  • Make sure to vary the fats in your weekly diet.  Cutting fats down too much can make you weak, tired and stringy.  Do not hesitate to use some omega oils, avocado, nuts and plenty of fish in the meal choices each day.  This helps the fuller round looking muscle with some tone without getting too striated (fats can be used for this too if you are applying it that way, here we are not).
  • Eat every 2-3 hours even if some of those hits are just a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit.
  • Water is key for everything, all the goals, so it helps with this too.  You are not seeking a bloated look, but a full one so don't be afraid to get a gallon of water in per day on average so that you are super-hydrated and the body has no reason to hang onto water.  If you are getting fruits and veggies in daily then you are supplying in minerals and if you take supplements then even more reason for the higher water intake.  Keep the machine flowing for peak, full, toned, curves.  Your degree of cut will depend on the carbs.  If you take in starches mainly from produce you stay leaner.  If you add grains in you may find a fuller look with a nice degree of lean.

Training Tweaks

  • Choose compound exercises (ones that hit more than one muscle group in the same movement, non isolated) or combo exercises to maximize your time and effort while fat burning.  For example combine pop squats with alternating lunge leaps.  The benefit to this particular combo is working the leg all the way around and hitting from the lower back down to the calves by moving forward and back with a unilateral movement coupled with a side or lateral movement.
  • Choose days to work lighter so that you can take a fuller range of motion in the movement and work on a moderate rep pace of 1-2-3 / 1-2-3-4.  This count being 3 on the force part of the exercise or the concentric, the lifting phase.  The 4 count is the negative or the letting go phase when you return to begin your next rep.  Pause at each phase, the up and the down so to speak, just for a one beat count.  Watch your pump fill your shape right away.  With this style you would do the exercise very strictly in form maxing out the range of the joint being worked.
  • Choose days to work in movement with little rest, keep the static exercises and holds like planks for the end or another session.  You want this day to be very little rest, making sure you pace yourself.  You want to keep moving so you can't gas out but can't be lax. This is not a hi/lo but a constant.
If you are not already applying these, try it out for a shift in your body composition toward that hard curvy look.
My Bosu Booty exercise plan maybe an ebook you want to have on hand to excel in your curve sculpting at a super low price point.  Click the link below to read the details or view other ebooks that may fit toward your goals.  Take out the guess work, get your gear on and sweat yourself into your dream body.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Modeling Comeback and Hot NEW Yoga Wear Ceres8

Theres a new contender in the yoga wear / fitness apparel market.

 Ceres8 working painstakingly since Ive know them, for a year now, toward perfecting a line of affordable and accessible clothing in fitness and yoga.

Active wear can be daunting in many ways from cost, durability to funciton and fashsion.
Ceres8 starting with the release of its yoga line with prototypes crafted from fabrics personally chosen by the Ceres8 founder.  Style, fit, fabric, design, right down to the creation of patterns all hand approved, traveling to China, Spain and Brazil.

The sets shown today are from the Spain creation.
This is just the begining, starting the launch with yoga pants and tops that will cause the well-known competitors to stand and take note!

Im excited to be chosen to test out this line and love the look and feel.  I have been out of the modeling scene for a few years due to personal life stuff although had a few model gigs come about during that time but I am so excited to be back into it.  I can't wait to strut it out in the other prototypes coming!

The fabric feels amazing to the touch, fits snug yet feels like comfortable, light second skin.  It covers well and is very well made.
It holds the body in a flattering way with its stitching, showing symmetrical to the body in pattern and design.  This highlights and flatters rather than accenting any areas most women are concerned of.
Free moving is how these sets feel and I absolutely love it!  The hold is firm but not binding.

Get yours at Ceres8, you will be shocked at how afforadable this line is.  Be one of the first to order this unique new line and wear it before everyone else!