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Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview with Fitness Professinoal Antonio Carlos Rowe

Q. What motivated you to take your training in the direction you have chosen.
A. I was very small growing up....nickname was "Bones". i got tired of being the smallest. When I started playing competitive basketball at 12 years old, I knew I had to get 16 i was in the gym training and I grew quickly. Playing a competitive sport like basketball started me on the path...never looked back.

Q: What is your background that applies to fitness.

A. My background in Basketball and athletics is responsible form involvement in fitness. Growing up in the Caribbean in the 70s and early 80s without all the technology young people now have, most of spent all of our time outdoors, running riding swimming...all year around.

Q: Many find it hard to live life, work etc whlie keeping on a regular exercise program and proper diet what makes you successful in this endeavor?

A. In order to maintain the balanced lifestyle requires discipline. I am a coastal engineer and project manager by training, so being organized and disciplined is a necessity for my profession. I have just translated that to a healthy lifestyle which includes training nutrition and rest. Once I started seeing the benefits it became easy.

Q: How did you get into fitness modeling?

A. I used to model costumes for our local carnival (Crop Over). Once people saw the photos fitness modeling followed.

Q: You have been working out steady and strong for a few years now, what is your favorite exercise and why?

A. I have been working out since I was 16.... So it is 31 years. All leg exercises are my favourites, however I have had to remove squats as I damaged L5 disc in my back.

Q: Eating clean can be difficult; do you have a favorite clean meal? Add a recipe and pics if you have.
A. Tuna. Straight out of the can is my favorite clean meal

Q: What tips can you give others which can help them stay meal organized and keep up a training schedule?

 A. To stay meal organized and maintain a training schedule I would offer the following advice; set small achievable goals, track your progress, and be consistent. Rome was not built in a day....achievement of the small goals will keep you motivated....and make sure you have a good support system (friends and family) to keep encouraging you.

Q: Once you have accomplished so many of your fitness goals, what happens then, what are you future fitness aspirations?
A. My future aspirations are just to continue living a fit, healthy lifestyle and hopefully inspire others to do so. Unfortunately with the damaged disc in my spine there is little chance of me taking part in any competitive endeavours. I would like to complete a triathlon.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Linda Cusmano 2013 Charity Swimsuit Calendar

Linda Cusmano 2013 Charity Swimsuit Calendar Linda Cusmano Charity Swimsuit Calendar
This calendar is now on archive as of 2014 but there are still copies available of the 2014 which I have personally if you are interested in purchasing.  Contact me

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Building a Fitness Figure Part 1 video

Building a Fitness Figure Episode 1
Click above link to watch episode 1
I do not really follow the separation diet as closely, I do eat eggs now.
This video also shows a lighter workout in weights.  Some of the products mentioned I no longer use although Usana is still a fave, I take much less supplements now.

Spotlight Interview on Linda Cusmano ~ contest pics!!

click this link to read the interview with RXGirl 
view routine and physique contest pictures below

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fat Burn Back Conditioning ~ with Actor Singer Richard Leacock

Earmarked by tremendous dedication & passion, Richard Leacock is following his destiny... to do what he loves and does best.

This award winning actor is known for his incredible versatility as an actor in conjunction with his singing, modeling, and dancing abilities.  His talents have taken him around the continent with various projects that have spanned the course of over 15 years.

Check out Richards IMDB page, click  
Most known lately for his supporting role with Billy Ray Cyrus on the acclaimed television show Doc, he started back in the 80’s alongside Johnny Depp in ’21 Jump Street’.  



Richard soon nabbed several guest starring roles including: 

"Knight Watch" (Co-starring opposite Benjamin Bratt)


On film, Richard has appeared in:


I had the pleasure of working with Richard in LA to help with some lower back issues and in the meantime some Fat Burning.  Richard is in great shape, my initial reaction..... but being the go getting, driven man that he is he elevates his best to a new level which is something I know about him from way back.  Everything he does is with full force.
Richard jokingly remarked to me that he wanted to have my 6 pack stomach, which he is not new to himself having always been a very fit individual.  I took him on and told him if he was willing to endure a torturous training session with me and model for my blog I would show him a program to help him toward some immediate goals in the next month or 2.  He takes this on within his busy time constraints, life, auditions and family.  In the initial info gathering his back injury came to light so I decided to not only give him an effective and time efficient program but focus on combination exercises which can be done anywhere, anytime with minimal apparatus.  If he is on set, at home or at a gym he can complete this program easily leaving no excuses not to get it done, although I expect that is not an issue with him being so motivated.
4 of the exercises I had added to his program are highlighted here so that you too can use them in your program if you are seeking some back conditioning and fat loss in unison.  These exercises can be useful to anyone really.  Add them for 2-3 times per week.
Try 2-4 sets of 10-25 reps of these exercises working within your fitness ability.  Band intensity and added weight depend again your fitness level.

Walkout Pushups (has a slight down dog effect as bonus)
Walk out with hands stepping them forward until you are in a plank position then do a push up and walk back u.  Keeping bent over with hands on ground enjoy a quick stretch as this is the down dog position used in yoga to stretch hamstrings and back, the perfect combo.  Try 2-4 sets of 10-25 of these working within your fitness ability.


Wide Horizontal Pull-up’s
Find a bar to get under and with feet straight out or if you cannot do those put feet under knees to use legs for help achieving the pull up.  As you get better feet can go farther out to flatten body.  Try to keep bar over chest and peek over the bar.  Even if you can do regular pull ups try these for a change up, they can also be challenging.

Hundreds (a Pilates exercise)
This is a basic crunch with arms extended, for some it has to be done in groups of 10-50 depending on neck tolerance.  Others like to use a neck assisted ab roller.  Of course Richard being the superstar he is, he was able to plug out 100 for the first set without rest and 50s for the next sets.  Impressive!  I like to use a band to give resistance but you can start with easier band or none until you get stronger.

Standing Lat Pushdown
This is a variety on the normal pushdown and it elongates the lats flaring the upper and adding a long taper to the waist.  Arms stay bowed, not bent, not straight and use control for up and down phase.  Rise to shoulder level then down to sides and return.

In the end the exercises which appeared tame did a wonderful job of challenging Richard which is key.  In order to get results things should not be easy, the body would have no reason to change if so.  By challenging the body safely with something you do not normally do and can improve upon you enhance the progression of your goal whether it be fat loss, injury prevention, functional training, cardio or lean muscle gains.

*Don’t try a new program or exercises without clearance from a doctor or guidance from an exercise specialist.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

3rd in Canada Fitness Short and more updates......

3rd Place Fitness for Canada

What a whirlwind summer it has been!  I got into the leanest shape of my life but yet again life decided to challenge me with obstacles before my provincial competition with knee injury then other things which inhibited my ability to make nationals in the lean condition I wanted.  Yet I did not give up.  I almost did not do nationals and was wavering the night before registration......but I followed my instincts and am so glad I did, I entered and due to lower number of girls entering my class I made qualification for next year by default!

Although I did not look top 3 worthy in my 'trainer' eye, I made top 3, third place in Canada for Fitness Short and the Michael Jackson routine in this case seems to have increased my placing unlike the BCs where it brought me down to second- different judges with differing opinions I suppose.  I am also so happy with all the work all these years I have put toward my backside!  Crowing achievement for me.
Had I come in lean I think I could have had a great chance for first and overall even with my watered down routine - so with this best placing yet and what I know, I am rearing to go for next year and do not have to go back to the Provincials next year where the judging for me seems to be the most challenging.

I am now hoping Nationals comes back to Vancouver next year as it makes the whole comp prep etc so much easier and cheaper for me.  This year was to be my year or so I thought but I guess the universe thought I was not quite ready yet.  I did enjoy the results and prep regardless of all the hell going on around me, I think keeping focused kept me sane.

ACL and Mensicii tears

I was called in for a surgery date Aug 31st but due to the calendar project I am trying to lift off the timing is not ideal but in order to be in full jumping gymnastics condition by next Nationals I do have to get in by beg of Oct at the latest so I am putting those prayers out there!!!  It could be 6-8 months rehab depending on if they can fix my meniscus......I almost wonder if I should not, they said my knee will be the same anyway and it shortens healing time....hmmmm.  The hardest thing to do is hold me down, longer healing time is not appealing but if I have to I will.  The doctor is amazed I can walk and considering how strong I am he, and many of my network firmly believe it was the stress I was dealing with this year which caused my knee to go and you know what, I agree.  Our body manifests stress in other ways if you keep it in and I kept it all to myself for months maybe years, still kinda am but working on it as I have an amazing support of friends and few family members who have been checking on me and sending love.


I have had a marathon of photo shoots, some for magazine submissions and some for promo and they vary from bodyfat stages which is very cool!  I was sad that the one shoot I did very lean I was also under a tremendous amount of stress and you can see it in my face, I look sick, so some of those shots are sad, my body looks terrific, shredded but my face looks dark, gaunt, sunken and sickly so it ruins some of the shots. 

I am hoping to do more shoots indoors throughout the cooler season as well.  Some opportunities did come up but being 5'3" had an impact on my castings so I wait for the right opps to come which fit my body type!
Keep your eyes open on my facebook page for new photos posted daily, articles which are to be published soon and magazine features!
Make sure to visit my fan pages and click LIKE:
Linda Cusmano Fitness Figure
Body Rush Personal Training

I will be booking forward for any modeling work as well so anyone seeking a fitness model, here I am come and get me!

Fitness Training

Personal training is now settling in since my change over in the gyms I use, Sept is coming and the new clients are signing up, old ones who took time off are coming out of the woodwork seeking to get back into shape before Winter hits and holidays dictate indulgences.  The gym change was devastating to my business due to new fees and location difference but such is life, and you rebuild.

Pair training is popular right now, 2 people share the session and its costs.  I do have space for 1-2 more pairs so anyone interested and local to Vancouver can contact me to set up a schedule for your weekly ass kicking!

I have a  few new projects on the go for modeling workshops and (ANNOUNCEMENT) a weekly online bikini workout for those girls seeking to look like the bikini division competitors and model, the soft, sleek and sultry look. 

I am also going to be posting 'exercise of the week' videos to challenge you to try some new exciting exercises for fun, a taste of training along with me, and I will encourage you to video yourself or take pics of yourself doing them and share them!!!  I encourage many of you to try them and incorporate them into your workouts, especially if you hit a wall and are tired of the same old or just wanna have fun, feel strong and show off a lil!!

Travel Training


I have had numerous offers to be flown out for a week to clients outside of my area to work with and train them, teach them nutrition etc for a week intensive, setting them up and then monitoring from distance with future visits.  I have had to decline these for many years but am now able to look at this option for future requests so anyone interested can contact me.

Enjoy the rest of summer everyone!!!  Lots of Angel Luv to you all!!

Linda Cusmano