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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow, Sept already???

I can't believe Sept is literally around the corner!
Time flies and my blog has not had an update.
I have had some projects on the go such as painting and refreshing the home, enjoying some home cooking and garden bounty between training and a moderate off season diet.

I had a great pasta weekend last weekend so I was up 3 lbs this week and taking some courses through DSW at home toward renewal of some certs has kept me busy, so I had a few extra days off than I planned. All done now though!!
The house looking cleaner with the touch ups to the walls and had penne Sat for lunch, spaghetti for dinner, Sunday lunch was gnocchi and finally lasagna for dinner Sunday night. Thats if for me til next year for pasta.

On the personal side.....
I feel great, I am finding my arms and lats don't fit my usual sized clothing, although those are the only parts, the rest is all fine and I never really wear other than workout type textiles. Guess I am going through a bicep and lat muscle growth phase!!!

More Video and a new membership area!
I hope to get some new content together for next month on video and will be looking at offering a video member area with weekly workout and recipe vid clips, new recipes and workouts for members to follow along. I have had a few clients and emails from those looking for something with a bit of a personal touch, some motivation and 'follow along' type workouts so I took this into consideration and am looking at creating something like this for my site.

More soon........


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Into the OFF Season with Legare Wear

So its off season and I find myself not wanting diet food at the moment so I am not quite on my off season plan yet, I gave myself this week to slack right off! Never hungry when you eat carbs and salty or sugary foods so its not like I am eating tons but its still that grey area of not wanting to lose the lean and having a tough time balancing either being clean or this week I am just chill, off training and prepping for the Monday to begin on an off season plan toward July 2011.
I have never started out so far ahead, I mean I always trained toward comps but had more than one per year, always did a few and usually not planned out a year ahead. The past few years I did try to plan ahead but then things happen, lack of sponsorship or sickness or deaths which kinked the plans.
This year I decided not to do the shows planned in spring, I hate travel and although this would only be an hour drive for one of them, the other would be in OHIO, an area I have not been and look what happened the last time I went somewhere new right? So I am focused on BCs, Nationals and then we will see. My decisions on comps after that depend on the outcome of thse shows. I do want to do the cup again but if I get my card before that I cannot and would only look at pro shows from there on and the frequency of comps stays low. Fitness at the pro level only has a few shows and they are all travel out shows. I know I can survive areas like NY, ON as I have been before and there are pro shows there but also Texas, a place I would love to visit but again never been.......would the health turn on me again?
Anyway, with these new goals I find I am competing less. I used to do at least 3-4 if not more shows per year but I just cannot afford it financially, emotionally, physically and work wise now that business has picked up to a fever.
It all works out as it should I suppose then. I get to still compete but at a much higher level, more intense and hopefully PRO!
So this week I got a load of Legare Wear from Cindy Legare - and I absolutely love it! Everyone knows I am an Affliction and Sinful junkie, most of my clothes are NON SKULL design tattoo wear from Sinful and now I have new fave line - LEGARE WEAR!
This stuff fits me so well, so comfy and looks so hot! To boot, Cindy does the art work, she designs each piece! Being an artist that is so up my alley.
When you visit the site to pick up some of this hot clothing line, make sure you read the story behind how this line came about and behind the art subject!!
I am looking forward to her new stuff, not sure I am allowed to mention it yet but it sounds up my alley- that is all I can say for now.
Look out for me rockin' Durti Girl on a regular basis! I dont' want to take them off to wash them!!!
Do you know what DURTI stands for?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to lyyyyyfe, back to re-al-ity

6 lbs up but still buffed up! Been testing out some of my stuff in the gym and I was getting some nice height, my straddles are very high and I think I may be able to get my aerial back for next year, as long as I don't get too heavy and keep this up.

My back was stiff and sore but tolerable and it was a rush to do them again, I never lifted off fully, one hand touches but I can tell I had air and did not need to touch which was great, means I can get them. Front walkovers tilt to the side on ending, its back protection and so I may need to phase that last transition of the walkover into a move that takes my tilt and works it into the movement so it blends and I can still use the move.

I am getting on my off season diet plan, less protein and less veggies, a bit more carbs and such but still lean and disciplined which I need if I want to get that winning body for next year.
I need to see about getting to 2 gallons water per day, barely making one.

I just want to sew a few more wild oats....pepsi, crap food and a couple days off before it all begins.

Weights will be higher rep this month in the 15-20 mark with lots of high energy work. Cardio daily and a few night additions too.

I want to get back into skipping rope......I went to demo a double under today for a new client and failed miserably!!!!!