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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June Fit Comp Prep 5 Wks OUT!

May Report
Lets not talk about May, lol, it was a wash. 
Diet:  I basically did not eat enough so did not follow my diet properly although ate clean just not enough. Water, none.
Training:   hmmmm, 2 jogs? My stats still sit same as my last post with stats. 

Muscle don't look as full atm but as I train through June and practice my routine, finally……. I know my body will harden and pump. My contest weight coming in is the question, it maybe on the lighter side, but even with a hard May of training and eating I would maybe be 5 lb up and a lil firmer today.
Routine music due tomorrow, choreo and practice asap..... 

More Great News......
The reason behind my lag in May is going to be the topic of a future post…..its an awesome progression for my life and business, as well as another dream or goal checked off my list. 
I will absolutely share more of this great NEWS soon! ;)))

Conditioning Update
My legs have come back and evened out, not tree trunks yet lol but I look solid again with my symmetry closer to my norm. 

The main concern will be firming the glutes and lifting them more. And so for June training I will be adding in 100 squats 4x week.  
1 set of 10 of 10 different specific squat exercises that I know will do what I need and fast. I won't need heavy weight and can do this anywhere anytime. 

100 Squats 10x10
I am posting a demo pic of each of these squats for anyone looking to build and firm the glutes quickly, no heavy weights needed and usually not used for most of these exercises. 
This 100 squat program you are welcome to use, copy and try.  See it posted at the end.
These choices for movement are a little bit more isolated although some can be used with heavy lifts like the front squat, suitcase squat and sumo squat.  Add it in 1-3 times per week.

June Rundown Training & Meal Plan
First I will give you a rundown of my program for June. My pre comp week is a program on its own and changes from this one, come end of June. 

I have used this diet in the past, it was slightly tweaked from something that Mike Davies had given me quite a few years ago. 
Its catered to me, my needs and preferences as I have personalized this. 
I find this easy to eat and follow, at least I did. 
Now coming out of anorexia eating is a daily push but I am eager to try and see if I can get all this in. I know if I do ... my body will respond hard and fast because its been so deprived for the last few years. 

Linda Cusmano 
June 2016 

WAKE UP: Drink 16 oz of water / vitamins/fat burn-energy (I may not need this or just do coffee instead, with cream)/3 Grapefruit wedges 

TRAIN/CARDIO: 60 mins cardio (the type and intensity will depend on how skinny I am or if I need more leaning, this comp prep I seem to be lean easy and not need much cardio, do not want to come in too stringy) 

MEAL ONE: Eat 2 Tbsp of cream of rice with 4 egg whites 

MEAL TWO: Eat 3 oz of tuna with 1-2 peperonccinni and 10 almonds 

SNACK: Eat 3 large strawberries and 2 pineapple chunks 

MEAL THREE: Eat a 2 cup Romaine lettuce salad (or spinach) with 1/2 cup green beans with balsamic vinegar 

MEAL FOUR: Eat 4 oz of cod (or snapper/halibut/bass) with a squirt of lemon with 8 asparagus spears 

CARDIO: at least 40 minutes of additional cardio four nights a week. (this maybe routine work or the 100 squat addition instead, if I am cutting cardio down, if not it will be in addition to) 

MEAL FIVE: Eat another 3 oz of tuna (or on occasion, chicken) with 8 asparagus spears and 3 oz yam 
SNACK: Drink a 30 gram low carb low fat protein shake of your choice or eat 5 egg whites 

TAKE DAILY (for now) 
  • € Take (geranium) (This is a leaner, sold in the US, its actually great for asthma, not sure I will need this, not on it now) 
  • Take 400 mgs of Vitamin E 
  • Drink a minimum of 2.0 gallons of water daily 
  • Whole, organic, or fresh foods are better than frozen, frozen is better than canned 
  • 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night and 8 to 10 on the weekends if at all possible 
  • Take a recommended dose of Milk Thistle daily for next four weeks,. 

***I never sleep more than 7 hours, my body just doesn't.

Here is week one of June, I will post each week through June. Cardio is listed in the meal plan and the addition would be 5 days per week, 30-60 mins routine practice, 100 squats program 4xwk. 

June 2016 Training 


4 x 10 Leg curl ss 4 x 6 Stationary weighted lunges 
4 x 10 Leg extensions ss 4 x 10 Adductor (cable) 
6 x 15 WS hack squats 
4 x 10 Straight leg deads ss 4 x 30 Jump lunges 

3 x 15 Rear delt laterals 
4 x 10 Up-right row/1/4 lateral combo 
4 x 10 One arm cheat lateral ss 4 x 6 Heavy one arm d-bell press 
4 x 10 Shrug/Front raise combo ss 4 x 6 Pop push ups 
4 x 10 Arnold press 

4 x 10 Lying one rows 
4 x 10 RG Pull downs 
4 x 15 Sumo deadlifts ss 4 x 6 Heavy seated rows 
4 x 10 D-bell row 
4 x 10 NG Pull downs 
3 x 15 Squat thrust bench hop ups 

6 x 6 CG Bench superset 6 x 10 Bench dips 
4 x 10 D-bell skull crushers/sit up kickback combo 
4 x 15 CG push downs ss 4 x 10 Lying cable curls 
3 x 15 Over head d-bell ext ss 3 x 15 Preacher curls 
4 x 10 D-bell hammer curls 
4 x 15 Straight bar curls 

6 x 10 Incline press 
3 x 10 Incline flies ss 3 x 6 Heavy peck deck 
4 x 10 D-bell pullovers/Pike up combo 
3 x 15 Pressouts 
4 x 15,12,10,6 cable cross overs 
3 x 10 Walkout push ups 
End this workout with 10 minutes of ab work 

Obviously some of these will be confusion to you, some of the abbreviations and exercises as well as some having names that can be one of various exercise modifications. 

*Please do not take this meal and training program thinking you can just apply it to yourself, and that you can do it properly and understand it.  I post it to give you some ideas you can take and to see the format and style that is working for me right now.

100 Squats

1x10 of each

Gauntlet Squat

Doorway Pistol Squat

DB Front Squat

DB Overhead Squat

Doorway Ski Squat

Suitcase Squat

Side Squat

Sumo Squat

Sissy Squat
(any old skoolers recall this one???)

ATG Squat

If you do try this out, let me know after a week or 2 how it worked for you!
Have a great week and watch soon for my NEWS in my next post!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

5 Comeback Fitness Trends 2016

Photo by Robert Poetker

This year it's the year of recycled fitness trends:

Yoga is making a big comeback it's not getting old anymore.  The yoga trend was starting to be old hat in the last couple years and it's been revitalized by enlightening people on the various types of yoga and applying yoga in various other ways to lifestyle and fitness goals.
Yoga is used for rehabilitation, mind work,  relaxation, strength and balance as well as flexibility. There are many purposes and applications with yoga to just about anyone.  There is always a pose that somebody should and could be doing.  I apply various poses like pigeon to help clients expidite and efficiently attain their goals.

Bodyweight training has increase in popularity because people are now combining exercises showing some time efficiency in their training,  People are learning to condition plus train different body parts within one movement as well as accessing different result such as flexibility and strength throughout the one exercise.   Bodyweight exercises are perfect for this as they are low maintenance and can be done anywhere with no equipment needed.  You can find several modifications to movements to help get you from beginner to advance, working with present strenth toward more.  'I can't do that' is not as popular of a tern when it comes to bodyweight work, today there is always a way to work this type of training no matter how weak you are at these exercises to begin.  Learn the progressions for the key to accomplishing these types of lifts.

Functional training has become first and foremost with just about everybody no matter what your goals are.  Functional aspects of training is now something that everyone is aware of for example core… like planks.
More people are paying attention to their joints and their connective tissue so that they can lift more and be better towards their goals without the injuries.  This is not just for athletes.
Functional training does give you all kinds of results but it's also injury prevention and that's it's highlight.  Functional training directly hits weak spots.

HIT HIIT are making a comeback.   It was popular a few years ago then things went quiet on that front but a lot of people adopted this type of training for a short burst cardio that was very effective for fat loss and sculpting.  It's making a comeback again with new twists that keen trainers are introducing to this form of exercise.
As we know science always expands and evolves.   There's always a way to make things better and somebody always finds that way and highlights it so that the rest of us can learn.  That's what's happening with high intensity training and high-intensity interval training.

Exercise for older adults is becoming very mainstream and popular.  More and more of the third aged individuals… as we used to call them, are getting on board to understanding that movement and exercise is a crucial part in dealing with some of the assumed problems that come with age.
I personally don't believe in that, I think that if people are active throughout their lives they don't adopt a lot of these supposed  older age issues.  For example arthritis, this is not a for sure sentence for everyone,  although many seem to think it comes with age no matter what.  The other fallacy is that once you are afflicted and it hurts, you don't move, don't use it.  There are levels between and there is always something you can be doing during your health issue, be it considered permanent, degrading, chronic or acute.  Again many times chronic is not really your sentence if you know what to do and there are so mnay great trainers now that can and will help you even with just free advice.
Do not submit to your 'condition'.

So there is your trending fitness for 2016, bringing back around full circle which is alway the case. But it comes back improved and revitalized.

I did not forget the TRX but its a bit stale this year, old hat, lets see how that becomes revitalized over the next few years, you know it will!

Contact me if you want to try some of this and we can get you on a program,  Mention this article for a 25% discount.  ;)))

Thursday, May 19, 2016


In my journey with IBS I have recently run across this FODMAP diet.  Its based on real food of course and anyone can do it but it seems to really help guide those with IBS issues and the varieties of symptoms that can range differently between us all.  I've compiled some links and quotes together which will introduce this to you.

What is the FODMAP Diet?
Taken from Wikipedia, here is the answer in straight science:
FODMAPs are short chain carbohydrates (oligosaccharides), disaccharides, monosaccharides and related alcohols that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine. These include short chain (oligo-) saccharide polymers of fructose (fructans) and galactose (galactans), disaccharides (lactose), monosaccharides (fructose), and sugar alcohols(polyols) such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and maltitol.
The term FODMAP is an acronym, deriving from "Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Monosaccharides And Polyols."[1] These carbohydrates are commonly found in the modern western diet. Some evidence has been presented that the restriction of these FODMAPs from the diet may have a beneficial effect for sufferers of irritable bowel syndromeand other functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID), including one low FODMAP diet.

Quoted from:
Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS,
Nutrition Diva
All of these nutrients are in the carbohydrate family; some are sugars (such as lactose and fructose), others are sugar alcohols (such as sorbitol and mannitol), and some are non-digestible fibers (such as fructans and galactans). All occur naturally in whole foods such as fruit, dairy, beans, and grains. Sugar alcohols are also used in more concentrated amounts in food processing to produce sugar-free and diabetic foods . - See more at:

Who can benefit from learning more and applying some of the ideas?
Nutrition Diva:
This awkwardly named diet is often recommended as a way to relieve chronic digestive complaints such as bloating, abdominal pain, gas, excessive burping, diarrhea and constipation. These symptoms are common in people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but lots of people without a formal diagnosis also struggle with them. Although it doesn’t help everyone, the FODMAP diet is actually a real breakthrough, bringing dramatic relief to many who have suffered for years from seemingly untreatable digestive issues. - See more at:

Where did the FODMAP Diet come from?
Quoted from Wikipedia:
The FODMAP concept was first published in 2005 as part of a hypothesis paper.[26] In this paper, it was proposed that a collective reduction in the dietary intake of all indigestible or slowly absorbed, short-chain carbohydrates would minimise stretching of the intestinal wall. This was proposed to reduce stimulation of the gut’s nervous system and provide the best chance of reducing symptom generation in people with IBS (see below). At the time, there was no collective term for indigestible or slowly absorbed, short-chain carbohydrates, so the term ‘FODMAP’ was created to improve understanding and facilitate communication of the concept.[26]
The low FODMAP diet was originally developed by a research team at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.[27] The Monash team undertook the first research to investigate whether a low FODMAP diet improved symptom control in patients with IBS and established the mechanism by which the diet exerted its effect.[23][24][28][29]Monash University also established a rigorous food analysis program to measure the FODMAP content of a wide selection of Australian and international foods.[30][31][32]The FODMAP composition data generated by Monash University updated previous data that was based on limited literature, with guesses (sometimes wrong) made where there was little information.[33]
As a result of this program of research and FODMAP food analysis, a comprehensive and accurate database now exists describing the FODMAP content of food;[30][31][32]scientists now understand the mechanism by which the diet works[22][29] and there is sound evidence indicating that a low FODMAP diet improves symptom control in approximately three out of every four people with IBS and other FGIDs (such as simple bloating)

When did awareness begin about this diet?
Impossible to say if you ask me, just because science and governments caught on in the mid 2000s does not mean awareness of this was not in play long before.  People who suffer would be the first, know it or not, to have discovered this trend by elimination process which is always suggested in any medical situation where narrowing down needs to be done in order to figure out what is off.  The name to it would have come long after awareness began.

Why does the FODMAP Diet practice help IBS?
The foods that are looked at for FODMAP eating vs the ones to be eliminated or lowered, seem to correlate with relief of symptoms that nothing else seems to help, not even medications.  I can see this diet working to help heal and alleviate many health conditions though.

How would I incorporate this diet into my menu?
Whether you are just curious, a mild sufferer, severe sufferer or dealing with an unknown and looking to see if this helps you, you will want to do your research and reading, there are lots of links on this page alone which are reliable.  Prepare yourself mentally, plan out the items you many want to start adding or switching and chip away at it a few items at a time.  Keep track through notes or journal of what you are doing and how you feel as it goes so that you can look back to see what works and what does not.  If you do not do this you will regret it and get frustrated so its worth the small effort for your health.

Knowing which foods contain FODMAPS is the start, then you can work on alternate options for things 'you need to remove yet love' while becoming aware of those others that you don't mind eliminating.

Foods that are high in FODMAPs include most dairy products, certain fruits (including apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, watermelons, stone fruit, mango and papaya), certain vegetables (including artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, garlic, and mushrooms), certain grains (including wheat, rye, barley, and spelt), most legumes (including soybeans), certain sweeteners (including honey and agave nectar), and some food additives (such as chicory root, inulin, and xylitol).
Fortunately, there is an equally long list of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy alternatives, sweeteners, and other foods that are low in FODMAPs. You can find detailed lists of high and low FODMAP foods on the internet. Here’s one that you can print out. There are, of course, also smart phone aps for this as well.
- See more at:

Here is a link to the study and info through Stanford University

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fit Comp Prep Rundown 8 Wks Out

My cardio work this month, the next 2 weeks will be focused on the ham-glute tie area.  Yes its usually where 99% of the girls focus whether they compete or not but in my case there was a huge change in that area with the knee surgeries and a few years lack of eating and exercise.
I have a short time to polish this area.
I have seen some great change already though, and fast.  Counting my blessings daily that I have kept very fit over the last many years.
Overall I am doing 5 sessions AM and 5 sessions PM but most won't total over 2 hours per day and this accounts for my 30-60 min routine work 3-5 days per week which is included and why its so high.

The cardio work will be a morning per week of shaping work with a variety of plyometrics mixed into brisk extreme incline or hill walk.
A day of treadmill, elliptical and bike focused on hills, steep inclines mixed with plyometrics for sculpting.
If I train outdoors, then for the cardio machine day I would use my slide which focuses on lateral work directly conditioning my knee and working the lower end finicky shaping areas.

What normally would be PM Cardio, I will add another cardio 2 days per wk of steep incline walking for 35 mins and 2-3 more days with uphill jogs of 15-30 mins and or work on the lateral slide, although I may opt to hit some outdoor stairs for 20 mins of work up the stairs using runs, jumps, double steps, lateral work etc.  I may do all my training in one big lump that day or break it up, some days I have 2-3 cardio things to fit in including routine practcie, I have the flexibility for this.  I like to get all my training done early and am not into training afternoon or evening so if I have a morning and night cardio its not uncommon for me to do it all in the morning and day sometimes back to back, weights and routine work too.

I will probably be practicing routine, dance and some basic gymnastics work 4-6 times per week for 30-60 mins per session on top of all this.

You want to consider some flexibility for weather, mood etc.  This gives me choice and keeps me from missing sessions.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this next 2 weeks is going to be mainly 3-4 oz of chicken or fish and greens 6 meals per day, some almonds or walnuts, yam or rice cakes and nut butter, water intake needs to go up because its only been an avg of 2 liters per day, I need 5-6 more.  Eating solid food like this is the battle I have had, I get full just looking at it never mind chewing and swallowing it down so I tend to keep everything soft and tender if I can unless it’s a good day then I can do some raw veggies instead.  Sashimi is easy to get down.  Quinoa fits in too and I can add this, I can trade a few morning proteins for egg whites with a few bits of fruit or an oatmeal if needed.  I will see as I go, and watch what my body needs.

I have not been taking much supplements, more on than off with basic multi pack, been missing glutamine but I have not felt it.  I'm sure if I was sore enough I would get on it and I will try to get these little tag ends better consistent.  This is part of the game sometimes, some things click, others come along as you go.

Weight Training
Ham Glute Tie Focus - Extra Work
I may add 2-3 days of extra glute work, 2-3 extra exercises focused solely on that, which can be done at home, anytime, watching TV, using a bosu, ankle weights which mine are 20lb adjustable, bands and stairs or chairs.

My weight lifting or resistance program and exercises are along the same lines as before, same split for 5 days, 3-4 sets of 6-30 reps depending on the area worked and its needs.  Some stuff heavy, others light.  Good volume.

Here I am now, and the previous shot from Jan 2016

My weight has not shifted a lot but my body composition has.  I am a bit fuller and lifted by some muscle gain, sculpt and conditioning.  I am also looking more petite as I tighten up and firm.  I bounce a bit up and down but mainly hovering at 118lb, 117lb todya.  My body fat sits at 16% today. The last 2 weeks I did not do weights, only 2 jogs, a bit of stress hit and I lost weight so I worked on eating, now I am back to weights as per above.
I haven't been working on posing refresh yet so I am still lopsided lol!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fitness Comp Prep 2 Months Out!

As with most events you can always expect the need to find the calm to go with the flow.  My music is still not in my hands, choreography not done, meaning practice and polish will be intense the next while.  But luckily with years of experience I find I'm fine.  I suppose one of the benefits of overcoming major stuff in one fowl swoop means most things become 'small stuff'.
I know what I can do, I am still in safe range to put a great polished performance together with a well conditioned body.

Fitness as a sport category has dwindled in entrants because it’s the one category that pushes you hardest with the extra component of the fitness routine, so a high percentage of those who would have entered when there were not other categories but bodybuilding, are now veering into bikini, figure and those other classes which focus solely on the physique.
This means there are less fitness competition category options left, most federations do not even offer it anymore.  So even though I am not ready to retire from the sport, the sport is going to retire before I do.  I am entering this year with this in mind, even so my conditioning and timing could and would have been better planned ahead if I I knew there would be a Fitness class to enter in the next few years.  Between the various timing restrictions and tier system my entry options are limited.

I went for a few uphill jogs the past 2 weeks but dropped off weights, I lost weight again and have not been able to eat enough so the diet has been loosely followed in order to get enough nutrients in me.

I don't want to lean too fast, and I do easily.  With the size gain timing limitation I have its crucial to keep the muscle focus as priority and not allow it to starve.  The balance is a fine line.  I know I will not be as thick and bulky as I may have if the past few years had not happened so I expect to be petite lol, but at least I can keep trying to gain a bit and get full muscle for the show, keep from getting too small too fast.

My consistency in posting is loose as I am literally in limbo with the transition from tying up loose old ends, and moving forward.  Every aspect of my life is up in the air and I am not sure what I want to do.  I can do whatever I want with no limitations.  It makes you focus on what you really what at that certain point in your life when you one time had it all mapped out and then that map was blanked out.  My freedom is that of which even general knowing of whether I want to root or not, where, why, when……what do I want, what do I want to do is up in the air.  Its exciting yes but for someone who always knew what direction I was heading and what I wanted, goal oriented…… being undecided and open to anything is very new!

So for now, back to the weights, keep on the food thing, try to enjoy each moment and each day, keep healing and see where the path lights up  for me to step next.  The comp will keep me eating and focused on something other than negative thoughts from past events that still have the ability to throw me right off.  Starting my life over from scratch will just have to be done as it comes even so it would be nice to wave a wand and have it all figured out with a nice red bow on top.

My Diet this month is supposed to be basically 6 meals per day of fish or chicken with asparagus/kale/green beans or spinach, for the most part.  If I do that for the next 2 weeks I may need to add a few extra carbs and fat to keep from leaning too fast and getting skinny, so again, go with the flow day by day.

I will try to get more vid clips of cool exercises I am doing this month and share more ideas with you as well as get a comparison shot to show beside my last one taken a few months ago, lets see what changes have happened ;)))