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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knee Injury Prevention, pre and post surgery / rehab

(David Aboody  photo credit)

In light of the fact that I have completely torn my right ACL and 2 meniscus off the posterior bone just 3 weeks before the BC fitness Championships I had competed in, I am going to talk about about working the knee while injured or sore.  I am to compete again in 2 weeks on this knee, hence my majorly modified, grounded routine.
Whether you are chronic like arthritic or dealing with an acute issue knees can be funny and should not be ignored.
Depending on your issue rest and exercise need to be balanced properly but you do not want to just leave it and not do anything.  Heat and or Ice are also applicable but which you do when is up to you and the physio, the knee that day will dictate.  Anti-inflammatory meds are also useful.

The knee joint depends on movement in order for oxygen to get in there through the blood and movement is how you do it.  Synovial fluid is our natural lube and it needs you to move that knee in order to fill the knee and do its job.  There are many levels and choices for movement/exercise.

Most cases in knee problems want you to have a certain alignment where the mid knee cap lines with the outer top edge of foot, this prevents knock knees.  Alignment, speed of work and control is crucial.

Recumbent bikes can be very useful for this.
Normally you would modify exercises and choose specific ones applicable to your issue and would not do full range of motion and have the right amount of weight bearing to suit your needs at the time.

Wobble board and 1/4 press on the wobble is one of the best ways to help the  knee if you are able to put weight on the leg.  You can do it near a wall or doorway for support and work up to balancing without.  These boards are now popping up on places like walmart etc at lower costs than when they were only available through rehab.

I got one for 12 bucks at superstore, but it was seasonal and so you have to keep your eyes out.
These are useful even for those of you without knee problems.  First of all they are great for injury prevention and make for a great addition to your workout and balance which is something we need to train more and more as we age.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Fresh Foods" Time of Year

Accessibility to seasonal fresh produce is at it's peak and does not have to be of high cost.
Its much more affordable to concentrate some of your income toward the investment of YOU by considering more visits to the Fruit and Veggie Market and less visits to the Pub, super mart and food joint.  Unless you are savvy enough to know where to find fresh fast foods you should simply shop for them.  There are many places you can find good choices so next time you do eat out be wise about where you go and what they have available to you.  Treats should be left for the weekend.
There will always be an assortement of colorful fruits and veggies you can sort through and find at lower cost.  Base your meals around whats available and suits your budget.
Lean proteins are easy to find and can be affordable whether you go with eggs, beans, lean meats or fish.  There are always sales as long as you can be flexible.
Berry picking is a great way to stock up healthy fresh phytochemicals.  Have some fresh, cook with some, jar and freeze the rest for use in smoothies and daily menu.  This is fun and cheaper than buying them at the market.
Try growing a few of your own plants such as tomatos or spices like parsley.   Minimal efforts can give you a great and healthy result.

Photo credit for top 2 shots Priyanka Chakrabarti

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Tarzan.....Me Jane

Canyon Run
Mid way through my trip to LA I continued my exercising adventures out door with some canyon running  which was intense, up and down a path of about 3 inches wide with rough surface, uneven dusty ground, rocks and roots.  My knee did great, my health loved this dry heat and found myself super exhilarated.  Diet was hard to balance with frequency and type but I felt I came back fuller.  The shock of my twist in training also seems to have helped to further the LEAN but with a fuller body and less stress.
Once I hit the bottom of the canyon, before heading back up I decided to monkey about on the fallen trees!
Canyon Run

Climbing Trees

Of course the highlight of my trip......

Workout and Sightseeing
I spent some time doing the touristy thingy, kind of.  I went to train at LA Fitness......what a casino.....I don't know how anyone can train there.  No one puts weights away, there is an overload of members in there training at the same time, its just way to big for my britches.  Rather train with a band at my hotel but I did train there and had a hard time getting in my exercises efficiently due to curious spectators who wanted to kindly ask questions which I am very okay with!

 These pictures pretty much speak for themselves, a little bit of Hollywood BLVD.

Tigra and Purple Stain
Tigra, the lead singer for Purple Stain is also a talented specialist with nails and body.  She gave me my first manicure and it still looks amazing, although she may have created a monster because now I think I may do this regularly!!!!  I have always done my own nails but the pamper factor may have slightly sucked me in.
While she pampered my hands she invited me out to watch her on Monday night so I did!  I hit the House of Blues and caught some great shots of Tigra at her best!  The First few shots show a bit of the Parish Room where they performed.


 Thanks for a great time, great nails and the cool purple bead necklace!!!

Last Day
I went to a park and played.  It was a nice mellow way to catch some sun, contemplate my time away and watch the dogs play!  Monkey bars and swings can be a fun way to try new exercise ideas and play at the same time.
Thanks to Cindy Legare and her awesome Legare fitness clothes I was stylin in comfort!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Training no matter what!

So here I am out in LA, last minute decision.  I needed a bit of a break from personal life so I hopped a plane and went away!
I love it here, very warm, my Mediterranean body loves this!  With more forethought I may have been able to set up some photo shoots but unfortunately did not but here are some shots of my time here so far.
I took a day or so off from diet and training but got right back at it yesterday with an hour bike, 45 weights for all body then later run up to the Hollywood sign and back, which was about 45 or an hour, to be honest I haven't been looking at time much, just going with the flow, no plans, no stress and its been great!!
Time with me, myself and I has been great for growth.  I have found things like fish n veggies at places which are cooked clean and have been eating nuts and such to keep me going.  Not exactly my diet but still doing well, I still show very lean, veins all out in my tummy and arms etc, I feel super skinny but buff and holding it well!
Comp is Aug 11 so I am going to get on practicing routine once I get back home in a few days as I took time off from that since June 30th but at this point I do know it well, lets hope the stage is kept clean of oil this time around and maybe at the night show us girls won't break our neck wobbling and slipping like at the night show for the BCS, which tweaked my knee.
Its better now, so much so  I can run a bit now.  YEAH BABY!!!!

Here are a few shots to take you through my lazy hazy dayz here, well a day lazy, I worked out the rest of them.  I found this on a walk, so beautiful!!  Bird of Paradise, thought those were only found so easily in Hawaii!

Here is a typical view, typical plants found here, so nice, but was overcast for first 2 days.....guess I brought it from Vanc!

This was a neat painting on a random wall for a restaurant I believe, cannot recall the name but loved the art!!

Again not sure of name of this bldg but loved the churchy look of it.

Here we have a park where they city has put in this bodyweight, kid parkesque type exercises pieces which were being used by many, very, very cool.  We need more of this in Vanc.

Here is some shots I took on my run up to the Hollywood sign, great workouts that day, an hour bike, hour weights then about an hour up and down here, and me at the top!

If you look carefully below in this shot you can see a CIA helicopter landing.

I had this girl in my head for months.....I had a canvas prepped for her and another one still in my head, finally able to relax enough to get a draft done of her ready to put her on canvas.  No pencils here so I used pen and sharpees to draft her up!  Now to get the other one done for the set!

So, ready to go out Friday but never did get to a club or anything......but hey the red dress looks great hey???

More later babes!!!