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Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 Weeks to Stage Call!

In this category of Fitness Competitions I have been pretty luck with not getting injured too often.  Unfortunately my right knee buckled a few weeks ago in practice during a gymnastics leap.  Not sure of the extent of damage to the ACL but it seems to be the affected culprit and am to get MRI in a few weeks.
Its healing fast but I will definitely have to remove many ballistic and dynamic moves from my routine including splits because it seems to bother the knee when I try to even do them slow, although come 2 weeks I may be able to pull something far though, to be safe I am modifying and doing my split stuff in a different way such as standing or handstand split.
Body is dialed right in.  Not so sure how this will affect my scoring especially with judges expecting me to be dynamic and leap 8 feet in the air.

Just keeping at it and doing my best!

I have also been enjoying Euro cup, which many of you have been contacting me and asking about, you guys know I love that cup soccer.  Portugal and Italy.......Forza!

We also had Italian day on the Drive again last Sunday and it was very well organized by the Foccos who entertain and own Fredericos supper club.  Rick did a great job of organization and had programs with timed events which is new.

Today was the car free festival on the drive, not a huge deal but keeps people from burning gas and off the roads for fun day with the family.  Dogs were in attendance with at least one dog for ever 2-3 people!  It was great, I love watching all the cutie pies and their cute personalities!

Just got in 80 mins on recumbent bike!  Hope you all got your cardio in today~!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Making workouts work - dogs and your exercise!

When you have to get in your workouts, cardio especially and have other things to do like walk the dogs......combine.  Of course right but you want to challenge yourself.  Find a hilly walk or something with uneven ground like a hiking trail to challenge the balance, ankle/knee/hip joints and your cardiovascular system.  Take a break from the normal straight walk, zero incline flat surface and find a trail.
Benefit from muscular endurance by going as non stop as you can with these hill or uneven walks and if you have to stop, take and active rest stop by doing some calve raises, lunges or stretch the pecs against a tree.