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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey Girls....Tone up the Butt & Legs

(TwixPix - David Aboody Photography)
  • Start off with 3x10 of these exercises 2-3X per week alternating with upper body and work up to 4x25 of each.  Walking Lunges, Pop Squats, Thruster Squats, Mountain Climbers on TRX for core, side skating type movements, side and backward jogs on the treadmill mixed with squats by putting feet on each side of belt then try walking lunges on the treadmill.  Leap exercises like burpees, split lunge, wind sprints and 2 foot high hops up stairs.
  • Using weight will harden you up but not add much size although if you rather tone and thin down the areas then work with body weight.
  • Also consider your diet and cardio play a part in this.  try side shuffles or side squat skipping on the treadmill at a low speed, switching sides every min.
  • For those with any joint issues, contact me first before you try these and I can help you decide which you may need to modify or omit and what you can replace then with.

Summer is halfway through so get on it girls!

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