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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fat Burn Back Conditioning ~ with Actor Singer Richard Leacock

Earmarked by tremendous dedication & passion, Richard Leacock is following his destiny... to do what he loves and does best.

This award winning actor is known for his incredible versatility as an actor in conjunction with his singing, modeling, and dancing abilities.  His talents have taken him around the continent with various projects that have spanned the course of over 15 years.

Check out Richards IMDB page, click  
Most known lately for his supporting role with Billy Ray Cyrus on the acclaimed television show Doc, he started back in the 80’s alongside Johnny Depp in ’21 Jump Street’.  



Richard soon nabbed several guest starring roles including: 

"Knight Watch" (Co-starring opposite Benjamin Bratt)


On film, Richard has appeared in:


I had the pleasure of working with Richard in LA to help with some lower back issues and in the meantime some Fat Burning.  Richard is in great shape, my initial reaction..... but being the go getting, driven man that he is he elevates his best to a new level which is something I know about him from way back.  Everything he does is with full force.
Richard jokingly remarked to me that he wanted to have my 6 pack stomach, which he is not new to himself having always been a very fit individual.  I took him on and told him if he was willing to endure a torturous training session with me and model for my blog I would show him a program to help him toward some immediate goals in the next month or 2.  He takes this on within his busy time constraints, life, auditions and family.  In the initial info gathering his back injury came to light so I decided to not only give him an effective and time efficient program but focus on combination exercises which can be done anywhere, anytime with minimal apparatus.  If he is on set, at home or at a gym he can complete this program easily leaving no excuses not to get it done, although I expect that is not an issue with him being so motivated.
4 of the exercises I had added to his program are highlighted here so that you too can use them in your program if you are seeking some back conditioning and fat loss in unison.  These exercises can be useful to anyone really.  Add them for 2-3 times per week.
Try 2-4 sets of 10-25 reps of these exercises working within your fitness ability.  Band intensity and added weight depend again your fitness level.

Walkout Pushups (has a slight down dog effect as bonus)
Walk out with hands stepping them forward until you are in a plank position then do a push up and walk back u.  Keeping bent over with hands on ground enjoy a quick stretch as this is the down dog position used in yoga to stretch hamstrings and back, the perfect combo.  Try 2-4 sets of 10-25 of these working within your fitness ability.


Wide Horizontal Pull-up’s
Find a bar to get under and with feet straight out or if you cannot do those put feet under knees to use legs for help achieving the pull up.  As you get better feet can go farther out to flatten body.  Try to keep bar over chest and peek over the bar.  Even if you can do regular pull ups try these for a change up, they can also be challenging.

Hundreds (a Pilates exercise)
This is a basic crunch with arms extended, for some it has to be done in groups of 10-50 depending on neck tolerance.  Others like to use a neck assisted ab roller.  Of course Richard being the superstar he is, he was able to plug out 100 for the first set without rest and 50s for the next sets.  Impressive!  I like to use a band to give resistance but you can start with easier band or none until you get stronger.

Standing Lat Pushdown
This is a variety on the normal pushdown and it elongates the lats flaring the upper and adding a long taper to the waist.  Arms stay bowed, not bent, not straight and use control for up and down phase.  Rise to shoulder level then down to sides and return.

In the end the exercises which appeared tame did a wonderful job of challenging Richard which is key.  In order to get results things should not be easy, the body would have no reason to change if so.  By challenging the body safely with something you do not normally do and can improve upon you enhance the progression of your goal whether it be fat loss, injury prevention, functional training, cardio or lean muscle gains.

*Don’t try a new program or exercises without clearance from a doctor or guidance from an exercise specialist.

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