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Monday, May 9, 2011

A couple months to clean, train hard!

So I am hitting 2-3 hours training per day depending on if its a routine practice day which is 20-45 mins per shot 3xwk. Cardio is 60-90 mins of various intensity and machines, hitting cardio twice per day for 6 days per week with weights split over 5 days.
Weight is down, body fat is down, muscles are popping out much more now, still have to c....lean up the legs and back of arms, last bits of fat sitting there.
Balance of weight volume depends on the reps and type of lifts so weight stays moderate, I never hit closer than 10 lbs under what my heaviest for certain exercises has ever been so as to not injure or aggravate old injuries.
Sticking to the diet really well, amazing how much easier it gets after that first week.
I stick with fish 3 times per day, egg whites twice per day, asparagus and spinach, some pineapple and grapefruit and pepperoncini for my fish. Starch carbs are basically a slice of ezekial if I eat it at all.......yick, and a few rice cakes at dinner with honey but that is about it.
Cheats have been almost non existent so results are amazing right now!
I can run easier, all cardio is getting easier which always feel great, you feel super fit about now.
I did feel tired the past 2 days but overall have not. Its allergies.
Feeling really good, feel confident and super happy with everything from suits by Amy who is sponsoring my bikini and making a great costume, happy with music and theme, training, body and results.
I am really enjoying the process and happy to NOT be suffering in pain the whole way!
Maybe will get some sneak peek pics up, .....maybe not, maybe you all have to come out and see me instead!! Come out to cheer me out at the BCs this year, its beginning of July or mid.......check the dates at for the BCs.

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