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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to lyyyyyfe, back to re-al-ity

6 lbs up but still buffed up! Been testing out some of my stuff in the gym and I was getting some nice height, my straddles are very high and I think I may be able to get my aerial back for next year, as long as I don't get too heavy and keep this up.

My back was stiff and sore but tolerable and it was a rush to do them again, I never lifted off fully, one hand touches but I can tell I had air and did not need to touch which was great, means I can get them. Front walkovers tilt to the side on ending, its back protection and so I may need to phase that last transition of the walkover into a move that takes my tilt and works it into the movement so it blends and I can still use the move.

I am getting on my off season diet plan, less protein and less veggies, a bit more carbs and such but still lean and disciplined which I need if I want to get that winning body for next year.
I need to see about getting to 2 gallons water per day, barely making one.

I just want to sew a few more wild oats....pepsi, crap food and a couple days off before it all begins.

Weights will be higher rep this month in the 15-20 mark with lots of high energy work. Cardio daily and a few night additions too.

I want to get back into skipping rope......I went to demo a double under today for a new client and failed miserably!!!!!

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  1. forgot to mention, thanks to Gus Mctavish for the great sword shots he took of me a month ago at the park just fooling with some posing ideas, not the ideal setting but great tester shoot!