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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow, Sept already???

I can't believe Sept is literally around the corner!
Time flies and my blog has not had an update.
I have had some projects on the go such as painting and refreshing the home, enjoying some home cooking and garden bounty between training and a moderate off season diet.

I had a great pasta weekend last weekend so I was up 3 lbs this week and taking some courses through DSW at home toward renewal of some certs has kept me busy, so I had a few extra days off than I planned. All done now though!!
The house looking cleaner with the touch ups to the walls and had penne Sat for lunch, spaghetti for dinner, Sunday lunch was gnocchi and finally lasagna for dinner Sunday night. Thats if for me til next year for pasta.

On the personal side.....
I feel great, I am finding my arms and lats don't fit my usual sized clothing, although those are the only parts, the rest is all fine and I never really wear other than workout type textiles. Guess I am going through a bicep and lat muscle growth phase!!!

More Video and a new membership area!
I hope to get some new content together for next month on video and will be looking at offering a video member area with weekly workout and recipe vid clips, new recipes and workouts for members to follow along. I have had a few clients and emails from those looking for something with a bit of a personal touch, some motivation and 'follow along' type workouts so I took this into consideration and am looking at creating something like this for my site.

More soon........


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