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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Juicing for health and other updates!

Dreams of Summer Photo by Gus Mctavish

October has been great, not warm but not as cold as it could be out here in Vancouver but we have had lots of sun and warm sum at that!
It's been easier to get into the swing of 5-6 days per week training, staying focused on next year.  I have not completed all my cardio required but am keeping lean and holding a great weight.

How are you all doing since my last post challenging you to get it together for October???

Training has been stronger and my back has been supporting this allowing me increases in my dead-lift weight from what I have been doing the past few years.  I am at half my best but still more than acceptable toward my goals and needs.
Eating has been 80% on.
I have a client who is so busy and in order to get her focused we devised a plan of 15-20 min workouts that she can do one of or 2-3 of if the time allows but if she can only get in one of the quick hits its okay too because its better than nothing!  You need to be real and find a plan that works with your life at the present even so your ideal may be a different idea, it just may not be the right time for now to work with that ideal.  Be flexible and focus on getting it done by way of realistic planning.
So although I missed a few cardio days and eat a few extra cheat meals I can forgive this because my results are still showing due to staying consistent otherwise, doing the best you can which sometimes maybe only be 80% of the ideal.  Unless you go backwards, you are doing well.  By putting a too ambitious plan together that you cannot attain even so you WANT to, will be a short form of self sabotage really.  You are setting yourself up to fail and no one wants that.  It can paralyze your training and meal planing where you just end up letting it go altogether.  Do not fall into this pattern.

A competitor friend of mine recently figured out a health issue which has forced her to revamp her diet even cleaner and this girl eats clean, her name is Mariam Power-Ritzland.  To keep her health in check she is now juicing a ton more than ever and feeling amazing.  She is closer to a veg diet now as well.  She says its a blessing though, because it forces her to keep on track.  This type of attitude is why I love having her as a pal and she helps me see the positive in my life's negatives.
Here is one of her Juice recipes, enjoy!! 

Wbff Pro Mariam Power-Ritzand 

I love my homemade Ice cold Green juice: Why? Cuts my cravings, alkalizes my ph, gives me energy that is completely different than any other food groups, keeps me on a natural high, loaded absolutely loaded with enzymes that are living and not destroyed by heat, and I love the color! Extremely refreshing anytime of day:  

Juice has: 1 cup green grapes; 2 bok choy leaves with stem; 1/2 lemon with rind; 1 cup strawberries; 2 c spinach; 1/2 green apple, chunk of ginger ( about 1 cm in length ) and a handful of green sprouts....some parsely and a bit of cilantro! To die for!
And most of all because of my hemochromotosis disease I juiced as a kid until now, but now, its strictly ALL about health completely!

Thanks Mariam!!!!  visit

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