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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time to click 'Refresh'!

Today I feel lazy......first day of fall is here and rain is on the West Coast, I need some adjustment time.
It is time for us all to click the refresh button and set up some motivation.  The best thing to do at this point is be real, look ahead and set up a short term goal toward December.
There are 3 holidays coming up and lots of social stuff between now and then, having a plan set which can help keep you on track is a great asset.

I like to look at this like this:
I don't do a lot of social things so I am safe eating that way but there are a few days in and around the holidays where I know I will be lax, want to have an extra day off and some extra treats so in order to do this without gaining lots of weight and getting out of shape I think of it as earning this.

I plan my training for the next few months, called a mesocycle.  I look at small goals of what I would like to work on each month and  although I balance my training for the whole, I still look at specifics.  This helps you with exercise choices, sets, reps and training styles to apply.

The meal planning, to whatever degree you decide to go, be it extreme or a loose meal plan, have a plan.  Make it fit with each months goals and be real about your ability to make it work.  Consider work, kids, hours etc and be real.  Do put in effort but don't give yourself a plan which you will fail at.  Be real.  What you would like to do may NOT be something you can realistically pull off so find a balance that you know you can achieve and if you are able to do more then just add as you go.
Make notes of your training and eating even if just mild weekly notes, how you did and how you feel.

In the mean time, make sure to follow my blog and pass the word along, the more subscribers and followers I get the more info I am motivated to put out there!

This blog is going to be kicked up a few notches with more regular posting of actual workout and meal plans, series of them plus a few other items to help keep us all motivated, training, and conscious of our eating habits.
Free workouts and meal ideas is a great way to help many people who may otherwise not be able to afford a trainer and also those who rather be independent.

Let's see if we cannot hit a few cool goals by December where we can begin the planning again toward Spring!

Ab workouts are a big request so I will be putting a few of them together, 10-15 minute workouts you can quick hit with.  Some full plans which I will break down over posts and a few easy meal ideas.

Lets get this blog more traffic and interaction and see if we can't show off some great results.  I would love to post some success stories of those who follow my workouts.  Love to post some of your fave meals, recipes, exercises and fitness stuffs!  I am looking to post more requested exercises and workouts so feel free to comment away while this blog and my site change over the next few months working out goals of their own!!!  My blog has big asperations as does my personal site which will break free from my personal training site.

Okay so now what are those goals???
My goal is to drop 3-5 lbs in the next month as well as getting back into a regular schedule of eating and training, post competition and some of my duties around here can set me back a week here or there so I want to work on more consistency!!!

September 29/16 - this fall I am not looking to drop any weight, rather to gain 10 lbs toward 2017 while I strengthen the right knee which has had 2 surgeries the past 3 years.

Linda Cusmano

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  1. Hey girl,
    Just found your blog.
    I will be following along now
    Can't wait to see your updates :)