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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pump, Pump it up

Past 2 weeks have been great for results, I needed to get down a bit and faster and am at about 17% bodyfat with 12 more to strip off, sitting about 124lbs.  The weight won't move alot now as I fill in and lean out at the same time but I am white I need to get tanning a bit too.

I want to see more cut NOW.......but I do have 2 months and don't want to be too skinny either.

Today my head is messing with me pretty bad so I am going to just know I did my workouts and chill, not look at the mirror and try not to think too much about it or I will obsess.
Today was arm day!


  1. Just realize I dropped 1%bf in 3 days, that works well!!!

  2. Lol!! Funny how our heads can play with us huh? Great 'potatoes' there lady!! My daughter calls biceps "potatoes" because to her biceps have the same shape as potatoes, lol!! So we go around checking out each other's 'taters.

  3. OMG LOLOLOL, so glad you clarified that!!!!! I had my brain in the gutter for a second there!!