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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sicilian Godess

So here I was thinking my show would be in July again, as it has been the past few years.......nope.....JUNE 30th!!!
So I have 10 weeks to get my routine down, moves are all strong just need to get the routine down and its going to be a sentimental choice this time around.  I have been waiting since 1996 to finally do a routine theme such as my choice this year, it was time!  Theme being close to my heart and also familiar.
That's all I can say for now.

My body fat is about 18%.  I would feel better if it were 15 right now but I did some damage control with cardio and dieting so I should drop that 3% and be at 15% by May 1st, I am aiming for 5-6%.
I don't want to be 4% which is too lean in my eyes, regardless what the judges went for last  year, I look fuller at 6-7 but will come in a touch tighter just because I know they seem to like that.  My size is fine, I am right now already larger than last year for this weight and bodyfat and am still filling in expecting to be harder by end of May.  I am sure the judges would want me bigger but I don't want to get too big which is why I chose fitness way back even so the look is harder than it used to be I will be a bit bigger this year but not a huge difference, just fuller while leaner with a bit more lean mass weight on me while on stage.

I am going for some natural colors for my suit, and a design which screams early Sicilian Goddess AD!
This suit is a masterpiece but although it stands alone, it will not take away from physique only flatter and enhance it with its coloring and style.
Amy from is my choice again this year.  Last year she was my bikini sponsor and has been making my suits for a few years now.  We had some room to improve on costume but this year I am sure we will have that ironed out.  She has to work with my 'naturally boobed' body which really makes it a challenge to attain a fit which will enhance my posing and help the girls not SAG!

Nationals is Aug 11th so considering I can pull a top 3 at the BCS in June I will be holding my body til Aug for nats which are here in Vancouver this year!!  I feel so spoiled!!  I get to chill between AM and PM shows, I can come home for a few hours and chill out.  I am usually home before 11pm from the BCS because the show is so old hat by now that is runs pretty smooth!

Unfortunately due to family obligations taking up time I have not done any video for this blog yet but once I do I will have enough footage to last you awhile so be patient with me.

Business locally has changed a lot for me because of gym location change for my business, some clients cannot afford the extra fees the new gym charges and some are unable to make the distance change so this means I had to pass some clients along to trainers who were more local to them.
It was nice having a local gym for the past 10 years to use for clients but with that gym changing ownerships and not allowing trainers to use the facility any longer, this affected quite a few outside trainers.  Unfortunate situation and not sure how the gym benefited from this change but many of the independent trainers are not happy and hurting from it with client and financial loss.

Time to adapt!

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