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Friday, May 11, 2012

Physical Activity and Cancer Treatment Guest Article

David Haas has submitted this piece for me to share with you all!  Please check out his bio link at the end of this article.

Physical Activity Improves Quality of Life During Cancer Treatment

As recent studies and research reveal the benefits of physical activity during cancer treatment, proponents of fitness as part of the treatment plan continue working with doctors to get them on-board. Despite the results of several studies over the past few years, some cancer patients are still being told by their doctors to rest and take it easy. Whether you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer or another type of cancer, fitness is and should be a vital part of your treatment. While rest is important, physical fitness is of equal importance. By including aerobic and strength exercises in your daily treatment plan you can reap some of these important benefits.

Decreased Stress Levels

Stress levels can get high while facing normal life responsibilities and the added weight of cancer treatment at the same time. Because stress has an impact on your overall health, it's important to engage in regular exercise to help reduce your stress levels. Heart-pumping exercises like fast walking or riding a stationary bike help reduce the presence of cortisol-- the stress hormone-- in your body.

More Energy

Many people believe that exercise will tire them out, but the opposite is actually true. Regular exercise can increase your energy levels, allowing you to get through daily tasks more easily. To sustain your energy levels throughout the day, you can exercise in 10-minute spurts instead of for a half an hour all at one time.

Social Benefits

Enjoy time with family and friends by asking them to exercise with you. A walk outdoors with a good friend is beneficial both physically and emotionally. You can also strengthen the bond between yourself and family members by spending time together exercising and talking. Physical activity provides you with an excellent opportunity to be social, which is important to avoiding feelings of being isolated.

Improved Physical Conditioning

As you exercise regularly, you'll notice an increase in stamina and strength. These aspects of physical conditioning are beneficial by providing energy to get through your day and deal with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Mood Enhancement

It's natural and normal to experience feelings of sadness, frustration and anger following a cancer diagnosis. You can fight back and gain control over your emotions through regular exercise. As the stress hormone cortisol is reduced the "feel good" hormone, endorphins, are released. These help to elevate your mood, giving you a calm and happy feeling.

Make physical fitness an activity you look forward to by engaging in forms of exercise you enjoy. If you don't enjoy workout DVDs, choose an alternate form of aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling or jogging. Maintain interest in your physical fitness program by doing different types of exercises on different days of the week. These little tips and tricks can help you create activities you look forward to because of how they make you feel and look. Regular participation in an exercise program will help you as you endeavor toward wellness by making you feel empowered to take control of your health back from cancer.

David Haas Bio

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