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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boxing Exercises: Jab, Punch & Kick Your Way to a Leaner Body

Boxing Exercises - Jab & Punch Your Way To A Leaner Body
Did you ever realize how winded you can get with shadow boxing. Of course if you have a heavy bag you can boost that by a few notches but even just shadow boxing can give you an excellent all body workout. Buy yourself a skipping rope which will run you under 10 dollars. Use this for a warm up trying to begin with non stop skipping for five minutes to start, working up to 15 minutes within 4 weeks. There are several recipes toward making your own heavy bag which can be found on the internet if you wanted to prepare things so that you have a bag ready for when you are ready to advance in difficulty. There are also great deals on heavy bags all the time from those who just don’t use theirs or who have to move and need the room. I would suggest craigslist as a place to start.
If you have joints which do not appreciate the impact of skipping, try doing it on a track surface or soccer field which will soften the impact. I also suggest you do not jolt or jerk the joints during your punches, keep them controlled and never lock out the joints.
For your shadow boxing you will focus on combining 5 basic movements on the left and right side. Make sure to alternate sides frequently to keep the training balanced.
  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Punch
  • Uppercut
  • Bodyshot
A jab is a short fast compact hit compared to a punch which comes from the power of full extension. Jabs are used to confuse and distract so normally you would precede any punches with some jabs, alternating left and right. The arm never really fully extends on a jab, it’s like a fast hit with a quick pull back.
A punch is thrown from the core with body coming forward and driving hips. Stance will always be with one leg forward and one back, in a comfortable lunge being aware to switch them and keep moving at all times. Knees should always be softly bent allowing you to swivel and duck.
John McCurdy
A cross is thrown wide from the side with elbow out. During all punches the other hand is up protecting the face and between all punches you are protecting the face, elbow in and head tucked like a turtle. Use your obliques when you throw your crosses.
Chase Inglalls vs Karim Pahalloo
Upper cuts come from the legs and squat with fist driving up for the chin or gut. Shoulders will bob up and down on these again working the core and also working middle back.
Body shots are lower shot variations of the above, which were all head shots. With body shots you want to drive with the lats. Breathing properly through this training is essential. Drive the bodyshots as if your fist were to go straight through the person.
Now try combining these with one of each or picking four and trying one of each per side, two of each per side, and other combos. I would repeat combos at least five times each per side consecutively. You should be surprised how quickly time flies when doing these combos. Before you know it you have completed 20 mins and have a tshirt soaked with sweat.
Make sure to stretch after your session and hydrate appropriately.

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