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Thursday, March 31, 2011

April is Almost Here!

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting one exercise per day to help build that competitor sleek body.
Who is this good for: If you are a competitor, you want to train toward a competition or you may just want to shape your body like a competitor even though you are not going to compete.
Uses: Other than sculpting and shaping the body into a bikini masterpiece these exercises are great for conditioning, fat loss, lean muscle tone and spot shaping.
Take competitor prep to the next level with some of these new and innovative training techniques which can be done at home.
30 exercises in 30 days
HAVE FUN learning how to work towards 1 arm pushups, pull-ups and chins!!

I will be targeting six muscle areas:
1. Glutes & ham glute tie
2. Legs (inner, outer, thigh leaning, ham smoothing for cellulite decrease)
3. Delts, focused side delts for X frame
4. Arms
5. Abs
6. Upper Body (bringing out that X frame)
I hope you are able to join in! 

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