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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Linda Cusmano's Competition Prep update 3/15/11

Hey everyone,
I am prepping for a contest mid July so I figured it is time to get the personal vid blogs in!
I can let you know how prep is going along the way with some clips and pics!
Thanks for all the support!!!
Feels like coming out of hibernation after taking the year off, a bumpy year at that.
I am loving getting leaner and seeing muscle mass, tone, firmer curves!
The food part is subtle but my hardest part is cutting down the pepsi........this week, I fell to the obsession......its a special week so I can cheat a bit but I got my training in~

Today I did 1900 reps. The head judge said I need to tone down my legs so that works well with me not being able to lift heavy with squats or deads anyway so I am testing my muscular endurance with high reps today, 100 reps for 19 exercises hitting each muscle group at least twice, breaking legs down further.......only took me an hour and feels great to feel the muscle and the work as I type right now!! I ended with cardio and am keeping up 20-30 mins 3-5 times per week with intense spurts throughout.
Its also routine time.....I hope to have it all learned by end of month!



  1. you are training for a fitness competition in July? Me too! It will be my first time (and I have a LONG way to go), so I'm excited to follow along side your journey :)

  2. very cool, I will have to follow along with yours too!

  3. Awesome guns Linda!! Can't wait to be actually watching your comp prep this year through your video updates :)