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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Build a thinner working lats!

After 4 people, grabbing at my waist within 10 minutes, decided to hold a forced meeting with me while I tried to work out, to squeeze me of any advice toward a smaller mid section I figured I should post it!  I used to be a 24inch waist until I worked my abs to the thicker squares I now have and now I usually sit 26-27 inches.  Even at 27 people always ask if I am like 20 inches......its the illusion of my lats and well rounded tukus with full hips which really accent the waist making it look smaller.

Work the lats!  Yeah, diet, eat clean, do cardio.....but what then, so you strip down fat but if you have not worked on the frame of your build, once the fat melts off you are left with whatever shape is under there.

Pullups, assisted, spotted or horizontal area great stimulator for this, wide grip overhand.
Lat pulls are great but not as heavy as working with body weight.

Use some wide grips on your various row exercise options and don't forget that the rotator cuff under those shoulder blades need work too to help condition the area to take a higher load and volume.
Rhomboids also work with those rotators so some reverse pec dec work, reverse flies also work well to help hand it hand with the lat building.
Shoulders take a lot of strain with wide grip back work so conditioning those postural muscles of the rotator cuff and rhomboids are crucial.


  1. Simply by stepping on the bands and holding the handles in your hand you can bend that the waist keeping your legs straight and perform good mornings for your lower back or simply bend at the knees for some traditional deadlift exercises. Both provide an excellent core workout.

  2. So working your upper body gives the illusion of a smaller waist? How I read this. Post some more ideas on Linked In. Fit equals better work output!! Cheers Tom