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Friday, February 17, 2012

Making do

So what do you do when you are taken out of your norm and have to make do with food and exercise in odd situations?
Spent last weekend in ER with family and all week dealing with sick I eeked in one good training session and had to balance crap food available to me..............and then you get right back on and hit the norm!  At least at the Hosp caf they had yogurt or fruit or some choices although none on my normal diet of course since pre contest diet for me is more about fish, egg whites and tons of greens.

Meanwhile this week I stuck in squats, calve raises, pushsup wherever I could, seriously!  I would be helping make food so I would do some in between tending food,  hitting stairs and just doing whatever I could like high knees to help intensify on spot stepping, stuff like that.  Prone nose crushers are great to do anywhere against a wall, horizontal chins in the kitchen under a chair between food just have to make do!  to boot, my chest and legs actually feel it cuz I did timed reps and prob did more sets than I would in a norm session!

For some of you this type of stress may make you eat more, this is when you down water every time you feel hungry, fill it the gaps with tons of water which is easy to get anywhere.  My appetite actually disappears so with me its remembering to eat when I am under stress, I can go on 2-3 bites all day long if I am under stress or worry so I have to remind myself to have something!

Know your self and be honest and you can work around anything!

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