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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moving on into 2012, sticking with fitness

Don't you love the feeling after a good week of training and eating clean?  Muscles feel firmer, you feel stronger and have more energy plus great digestion and appetite.
Its amazing how fast it can become habitual as long as you can stick it out for the first bit.  We are all different on how long it takes to get into a groove and keep it but if you can be real about yourself  you can avoid self sabotage by setting up a goal you know you won't keep.

How goes the New Year at this point?  Have you been able to start Jan off right and stick with some type of fit eating and lifestyle?  If not, why?  Time to look at those goals and refit them to be real, to ensure it gets done.  Re fit the plan and get back on it asap.  See how things are by end of Feb and maybe you will have a better pattern in play.
Of course if not, you refit again.  For some of us life can change drastically on a weekly basis so if you can at least have a plan in place you can keep that consistent even if the rest of things around you are not.
Thanks to Garry Cotter of First Photo for the great shot!

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