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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clean Eating Vegetarian style Menu

Ok Mustang Girl you asked for it.........

First thing is to take in a few cups of water right upon waking.  I tend to drink about 30 oz overnight but this is because of night meds I take so I actually awake due to the need for water, not that I plan it into my diet, just so I am clear.

I personally prefer morning cardio before my first meal and when I am able to take supplements I do so with food again a personal thing.  This is a key for you all, there are the listed best ways to do things but then when we customize to our purposes sometimes we have to vary a bit on those best ways as they are not best for US, and we have to work with what we know is best for us.  Its okay to do this and there are ways to do this while still getting results, still following science but tweaking it to fit you!

I also do cardio later in the day a few days a week when I have time, because I am already 10 lbs lighter at this point than last year, also am coming from a competitive year last year I am already ahead of the game giving me ease of mind and wiggle room- in my case with all the life stuff this year, it was a good thing too otherwise this diet might have been tighter with less sugars (fruits) and starches and more fish.

I have also been able to get at least 1.5-1.75 gallon water per day in and do feel at my best when I do that, although I am aiming to 2 gallons and have gotten close on a few days.

Right now for the next few weeks, considering all factors of how my fitness is now, my contest date in July this is what I am eating on avg 5 days per week, the weekends are not full out cheats, but may vary a bit and still stay clean.  I am also short 2 meals here because this year, most of the year I was unable to work with my tummy issues to the point of consistency in more than 4 meals so I am working with my tummy here.  Some of you may want to add a meal or 2 in here in the form of a cup or 2 of veggies.  I am also choosy on my food items as many are touch and go, including innocent things like raw veggies.  I Just want to be clear on that because many of you may want to just take this diet and do it, but you need to consider it will need fitting to you, you are not me and unless you have all the same issues and needs it may need to be tweaked so please be aware.

Meal 1 - about a cup of berries and a couple ounces of a protein

Meal 2 - about a cup of legumes of which I prefer black, kidney, lentil and a bit of corn or green beans mixed in.  Now some people get bloated and gassy off either of these items, I do not, my body loves this stuff.

If I am hungry here I would have a protein drink drink.

Meal 3 - 4 oz of protein which for me is fish or egg whites and a spoon of efa plus 1/2 cup of clean grain.

Here I may have something for a boast like tea with caffeine, I may have a few in the day actually.  Warm liquids sooth the tummy issues I have.

Meal 4 - Here I would have a serving of beans n rice maybe in the form of a bowl or a bean burger without bread, or if you don't put rice in the burger you can use a healthy bread option with 2 cups of veggies which I choose green for, and usually steam it make it easy to digest.  I like to add apple cider or balsamic to my veggies.

I also use a bit of pink salt each day but not on everything.  Cheyenne is also a great pepper choice for me so I use this for my pepper needs.
This is a generalized version of my meals for the next few weeks, if you want to try veg, you can use this for a base and try it for a week or so.
Also consider the calories are probably lower than I would normally suggest, as is the portion sizes but this is again suited to my health needs.

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