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Thursday, March 1, 2012

MMA moves for Fitness

I love using MMA drills and skills within my training and with my clients.  Some of my clients just love to box and kick!
Taking some of the simple moves and tapping them into training drills with combos of weight exercises can really help take your fitness, fat burn and or muscle gains to a new level.

The Sprawl
This move takes you down to the ground where you flatten out arms and legs hitting belly to the mat, then back up to a stand or fighter stance.  I like to combo these with shoulder press so the sprawl is done with DB in hand (but this demo below shows it using a Bosu), or up to punch combos then back to sprawl.  This gets the heart rate up so that you are fat burning while you use several main muscles and tons of tiny ones, challenging them in new ways.
Here is a great vid clip of Marcus Davis demonstrating a Bosu Sprawl.

The Indian or Dive Bomber Pushup
GSP the Welterweight champ and belt holder for a few years now demonstrates some pushups and modifications of them to help get you out of the OLD pushup rut.  These will help work core, arms, shoulders and glutes, much more effective and time efficient than a regular pushup.

Switch Grip Pullups
For those of you who can do pullups easy, this will challenge you.  Those who cannot do them should have a bench or box under so they can start modified using the box to jump and let your body carry you through small portions of the exercise with attention to the negative and some up pull aside from the jump spotting you.

These are all compound exercises using multiple muscle groups, isolated work is not as prevalent in this type of training but for time efficiency and combo results this is the way to go.
Additionally this will help take most of you to a new level of training, challenging you in a way you are not used to in return causing great results while the body adapts to each new movement over practice.

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