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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Workout

Here is a neat way to change up your training with minimal equipment needed and many of you can be creative using pillows if you do not have mats.
You will want to get a piece of exercise tubing to cut up into 10 pieces about 3 feet long each and choose a tube with the stretch intensity which allows you to pull back like in archery, nothing too tense.

Warm up
Start the workout with your "forest escape" sequence.  This replicates the scenes where she runs through and has to veer from burning falling trees while going over and under obstacles.
Start off with 3 sets of 10 for each then increase the sets and reps until you can go for timed intervals.  Eventually you can superset this whole combo.

Tuck jump/side squat combo - Start with a tuck leap keeping chest high and leaping up to bring both knees up to your chest - not chest down to knees.  You may want to ensure you are on a mat or gym rubber floor surface to buffer the impact.  Start with a tuck leap then immediately step to the right side with your right foot and squat n duck to the right now tuck jump again then step to the left and squat n duck.  Repeat this combo, each tuck leap and squat motion are a rep.
If you have room you can move fwd.  Make sure to keep landings soft and controlled.

Single leg bounding - get 3 sheets of paper and cut them up into 12 squares, tape those down in a scattered line going forward a few meters going left and right helter skelter like a bunch of stones you would leap from one to the other.  For those of you limited in space can do these on the spot by just doing the bounding working for knee height and the hovering I mention below.  You want to leap from one obstacle to the other then back while working to get height, holding your weight in the air, control the leaps and landings so that you lift off one foot and land on the other then lift off that foot to and on the other, stick those landings and make sure the leap is spread out far enough to make you work but close enough to be doable.  Never have both feet on ground not even a touch....fight for the balance and control.  If you have access to boxes or steps and have room, set those up instead and challenge yourself.  Just make sure they are stable obstacles.  Work to gain strength over gravity so that you hover and soar from one leap to the next.  This works sure footing and conditions all the joints from hips down.  Set this up so you have slight to greater angle changes.  Work this for 5 mins.


Kix/Elbows/Sprint - Take a left front kick, then a right, now left elbow then a right and now sprint for 10 secs and repeat with the right starting this time, alternating left and then right elbow, now sprint for 10 mins like a cheetah is on your tail, take off with great torque.  Here you can also do directional changes after each sequence, try this for 10 sequences x 3, increase sets/reps or do timed intervals as you get better.  You can also use light ankle and hand weights for this to challenge yourself if you are a very experienced and fit exerciser.

Front roll archery - You need 10 pcs of band tubing type thing and a mat or 2.  One key thing about the front roll is that it is not done by placing your head on the ground, you want to tuck the head and learn to begin the roll from the back of your shoulders.  Working on that first with lots of padding is most helpful.  Once you learn to control this you can try this exercise out.  Keeping the 10 bands on one side of the end of the mat, start at the opposite side of the mat, do your roll up to a knee lunge so that one foot is down and the other leg is on your knee - the side of the bands should be the side your knee is down, grabbing a band, pull back and release, then do this with the last 9 bands.
Retrieve them, put them on the other side this time and repeat but landing with opposite knee down and using the other side of your body.

Have fun with this, use it for an active rest week or a change of pace.

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