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Sunday, May 22, 2016

5 Comeback Fitness Trends 2016

Photo by Robert Poetker

This year it's the year of recycled fitness trends:

Yoga is making a big comeback it's not getting old anymore.  The yoga trend was starting to be old hat in the last couple years and it's been revitalized by enlightening people on the various types of yoga and applying yoga in various other ways to lifestyle and fitness goals.
Yoga is used for rehabilitation, mind work,  relaxation, strength and balance as well as flexibility. There are many purposes and applications with yoga to just about anyone.  There is always a pose that somebody should and could be doing.  I apply various poses like pigeon to help clients expidite and efficiently attain their goals.

Bodyweight training has increase in popularity because people are now combining exercises showing some time efficiency in their training,  People are learning to condition plus train different body parts within one movement as well as accessing different result such as flexibility and strength throughout the one exercise.   Bodyweight exercises are perfect for this as they are low maintenance and can be done anywhere with no equipment needed.  You can find several modifications to movements to help get you from beginner to advance, working with present strenth toward more.  'I can't do that' is not as popular of a tern when it comes to bodyweight work, today there is always a way to work this type of training no matter how weak you are at these exercises to begin.  Learn the progressions for the key to accomplishing these types of lifts.

Functional training has become first and foremost with just about everybody no matter what your goals are.  Functional aspects of training is now something that everyone is aware of for example core… like planks.
More people are paying attention to their joints and their connective tissue so that they can lift more and be better towards their goals without the injuries.  This is not just for athletes.
Functional training does give you all kinds of results but it's also injury prevention and that's it's highlight.  Functional training directly hits weak spots.

HIT HIIT are making a comeback.   It was popular a few years ago then things went quiet on that front but a lot of people adopted this type of training for a short burst cardio that was very effective for fat loss and sculpting.  It's making a comeback again with new twists that keen trainers are introducing to this form of exercise.
As we know science always expands and evolves.   There's always a way to make things better and somebody always finds that way and highlights it so that the rest of us can learn.  That's what's happening with high intensity training and high-intensity interval training.

Exercise for older adults is becoming very mainstream and popular.  More and more of the third aged individuals… as we used to call them, are getting on board to understanding that movement and exercise is a crucial part in dealing with some of the assumed problems that come with age.
I personally don't believe in that, I think that if people are active throughout their lives they don't adopt a lot of these supposed  older age issues.  For example arthritis, this is not a for sure sentence for everyone,  although many seem to think it comes with age no matter what.  The other fallacy is that once you are afflicted and it hurts, you don't move, don't use it.  There are levels between and there is always something you can be doing during your health issue, be it considered permanent, degrading, chronic or acute.  Again many times chronic is not really your sentence if you know what to do and there are so mnay great trainers now that can and will help you even with just free advice.
Do not submit to your 'condition'.

So there is your trending fitness for 2016, bringing back around full circle which is alway the case. But it comes back improved and revitalized.

I did not forget the TRX but its a bit stale this year, old hat, lets see how that becomes revitalized over the next few years, you know it will!

Contact me if you want to try some of this and we can get you on a program,  Mention this article for a 25% discount.  ;)))

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