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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fit Comp Prep Rundown 8 Wks Out

My cardio work this month, the next 2 weeks will be focused on the ham-glute tie area.  Yes its usually where 99% of the girls focus whether they compete or not but in my case there was a huge change in that area with the knee surgeries and a few years lack of eating and exercise.
I have a short time to polish this area.
I have seen some great change already though, and fast.  Counting my blessings daily that I have kept very fit over the last many years.
Overall I am doing 5 sessions AM and 5 sessions PM but most won't total over 2 hours per day and this accounts for my 30-60 min routine work 3-5 days per week which is included and why its so high.

The cardio work will be a morning per week of shaping work with a variety of plyometrics mixed into brisk extreme incline or hill walk.
A day of treadmill, elliptical and bike focused on hills, steep inclines mixed with plyometrics for sculpting.
If I train outdoors, then for the cardio machine day I would use my slide which focuses on lateral work directly conditioning my knee and working the lower end finicky shaping areas.

What normally would be PM Cardio, I will add another cardio 2 days per wk of steep incline walking for 35 mins and 2-3 more days with uphill jogs of 15-30 mins and or work on the lateral slide, although I may opt to hit some outdoor stairs for 20 mins of work up the stairs using runs, jumps, double steps, lateral work etc.  I may do all my training in one big lump that day or break it up, some days I have 2-3 cardio things to fit in including routine practcie, I have the flexibility for this.  I like to get all my training done early and am not into training afternoon or evening so if I have a morning and night cardio its not uncommon for me to do it all in the morning and day sometimes back to back, weights and routine work too.

I will probably be practicing routine, dance and some basic gymnastics work 4-6 times per week for 30-60 mins per session on top of all this.

You want to consider some flexibility for weather, mood etc.  This gives me choice and keeps me from missing sessions.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this next 2 weeks is going to be mainly 3-4 oz of chicken or fish and greens 6 meals per day, some almonds or walnuts, yam or rice cakes and nut butter, water intake needs to go up because its only been an avg of 2 liters per day, I need 5-6 more.  Eating solid food like this is the battle I have had, I get full just looking at it never mind chewing and swallowing it down so I tend to keep everything soft and tender if I can unless it’s a good day then I can do some raw veggies instead.  Sashimi is easy to get down.  Quinoa fits in too and I can add this, I can trade a few morning proteins for egg whites with a few bits of fruit or an oatmeal if needed.  I will see as I go, and watch what my body needs.

I have not been taking much supplements, more on than off with basic multi pack, been missing glutamine but I have not felt it.  I'm sure if I was sore enough I would get on it and I will try to get these little tag ends better consistent.  This is part of the game sometimes, some things click, others come along as you go.

Weight Training
Ham Glute Tie Focus - Extra Work
I may add 2-3 days of extra glute work, 2-3 extra exercises focused solely on that, which can be done at home, anytime, watching TV, using a bosu, ankle weights which mine are 20lb adjustable, bands and stairs or chairs.

My weight lifting or resistance program and exercises are along the same lines as before, same split for 5 days, 3-4 sets of 6-30 reps depending on the area worked and its needs.  Some stuff heavy, others light.  Good volume.

Here I am now, and the previous shot from Jan 2016

My weight has not shifted a lot but my body composition has.  I am a bit fuller and lifted by some muscle gain, sculpt and conditioning.  I am also looking more petite as I tighten up and firm.  I bounce a bit up and down but mainly hovering at 118lb, 117lb todya.  My body fat sits at 16% today. The last 2 weeks I did not do weights, only 2 jogs, a bit of stress hit and I lost weight so I worked on eating, now I am back to weights as per above.
I haven't been working on posing refresh yet so I am still lopsided lol!

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