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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fitness Comp Prep 2 Months Out!

As with most events you can always expect the need to find the calm to go with the flow.  My music is still not in my hands, choreography not done, meaning practice and polish will be intense the next while.  But luckily with years of experience I find I'm fine.  I suppose one of the benefits of overcoming major stuff in one fowl swoop means most things become 'small stuff'.
I know what I can do, I am still in safe range to put a great polished performance together with a well conditioned body.

Fitness as a sport category has dwindled in entrants because it’s the one category that pushes you hardest with the extra component of the fitness routine, so a high percentage of those who would have entered when there were not other categories but bodybuilding, are now veering into bikini, figure and those other classes which focus solely on the physique.
This means there are less fitness competition category options left, most federations do not even offer it anymore.  So even though I am not ready to retire from the sport, the sport is going to retire before I do.  I am entering this year with this in mind, even so my conditioning and timing could and would have been better planned ahead if I I knew there would be a Fitness class to enter in the next few years.  Between the various timing restrictions and tier system my entry options are limited.

I went for a few uphill jogs the past 2 weeks but dropped off weights, I lost weight again and have not been able to eat enough so the diet has been loosely followed in order to get enough nutrients in me.

I don't want to lean too fast, and I do easily.  With the size gain timing limitation I have its crucial to keep the muscle focus as priority and not allow it to starve.  The balance is a fine line.  I know I will not be as thick and bulky as I may have if the past few years had not happened so I expect to be petite lol, but at least I can keep trying to gain a bit and get full muscle for the show, keep from getting too small too fast.

My consistency in posting is loose as I am literally in limbo with the transition from tying up loose old ends, and moving forward.  Every aspect of my life is up in the air and I am not sure what I want to do.  I can do whatever I want with no limitations.  It makes you focus on what you really what at that certain point in your life when you one time had it all mapped out and then that map was blanked out.  My freedom is that of which even general knowing of whether I want to root or not, where, why, when……what do I want, what do I want to do is up in the air.  Its exciting yes but for someone who always knew what direction I was heading and what I wanted, goal oriented…… being undecided and open to anything is very new!

So for now, back to the weights, keep on the food thing, try to enjoy each moment and each day, keep healing and see where the path lights up  for me to step next.  The comp will keep me eating and focused on something other than negative thoughts from past events that still have the ability to throw me right off.  Starting my life over from scratch will just have to be done as it comes even so it would be nice to wave a wand and have it all figured out with a nice red bow on top.

My Diet this month is supposed to be basically 6 meals per day of fish or chicken with asparagus/kale/green beans or spinach, for the most part.  If I do that for the next 2 weeks I may need to add a few extra carbs and fat to keep from leaning too fast and getting skinny, so again, go with the flow day by day.

I will try to get more vid clips of cool exercises I am doing this month and share more ideas with you as well as get a comparison shot to show beside my last one taken a few months ago, lets see what changes have happened ;)))

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