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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curvy Body Workouts - Exercises to Add Curves to Your Physique

Rake thin is definitely not in, ladies, but curves are, so do not be afraid to lift some weight and cut back on the cardio. Here are some workout tips to help add curves to your body while building your muscles.
Round shoulders and hips are the goal and being that the hips part is not usually a problem, focus on some shoulder work and tightening the tush to help bring out firm curves. Rounding out the calves and thighs on the outside while working for some lats will really enhance a fit yet curvy shape with a nice lean waist. This is the shape for the 22nd Century. Be encouraged to show a healthy figure and forget the days of thin tapered legs. Women are PAYING for butt implants!? Why not spend a few weeks rather than a few (or more than a few!) dollars and train toward your new booty instead?
The best way to achieve the curves is to work with your natural assets by enhancing them with the right workouts.
Choose exercises such as side shoulder raises using dumbbells and overhead rounding shoulder press exercises. Apply these 1-2 times per week for 3-4 sets of 10 using a moderate weight in the 75% max range. By adding the rounding range of motion to the shoulder press you will have to go slow, watch form very carefully and make sure to use a weight a little lighter than when you do regular overhead shoulder work.
Outer thigh, glute targeting exercises will help with the hips and firm booty. Cables are an excellent tool for abduction but only if you apply the form correctly, otherwise use a machine which does outer thigh training so that you have the help with form by apparatus. Choose 3-4 exercises for this area working on a pyramid for higher and lower reps while varying the weight from light to heavy and back to light.
Single Leg Sumo Smith Squat

Turning your toes in for leg press and leg extension exercises will help bring out your outer quads. Some gals have this naturally while others do not and the factors which are dependant on this are length of limb as well as length of muscle belly on the limb.
This same idea of toe angle training applies to calves for bringing out the round shape on the outer lower limb. I would vary heavy and lower rep with moderate and higher rep to really shock the calves. They carry you all day so they do have a higher endurance capacity. To really show a good symmetry you have to pay attention to all these areas.
Lats are not hard to develop with assisted pullup machines, or if you have the strength then do regular pullups. Lat pulls are also helpful but to really draw down the lat accent you should also do standing lat pushdowns or supine wide pullovers with straight arms, not a good choice though if you are straight waisted then stick with upper lat work only.
Rear TRX Fly

These are just a few exercise tips. When these hints are applied along with moderate cardio and a balanced diet you will see yourself shape into a hot curvy babe in no time. If you're looking for a more detailed plan, I do offer a Curvy Girl workout & diet program. You can find more tips and exercises in my social media and website.

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