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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feature Client Erin (a.k.a Lizzyb)

Interview with a superstar!


Why do I call her a superstar? After a few years of programming her training and meal plans I have had the honor of watching her take exceptional hold of her fitness and health through all the obstacles and events life throws at her both positive and negative!
As you read through this interview you will see how well Erin has done in taking my ideas and making it a lifestyle. She is not dependent but independent. She is a regular human being with all the similar trials and joys we all live on various levels yet she has honed her ability to ‘go with the flow’ into a science!
Her ability to weave and bob with clean eating and consistent exercise is flawless. She works around those indulgent events and days of being unable to follow fitness just right. She balances when it’s okay to have her cake…..and times when she needs to keep on track. Make sure you check out her fast sandwich recipe at the end of this article.

Q: What motivated you to take your training in the direction of using an online trainer?
A: I used to use a commercial gym regularly before I settled down and had kids.
After having two babies via c-section, 15months apart I managed to gain roughly about 40lbs, all of which I lost on my own.
When I got down to my goal weight, I saw that my body composition was not at all what it was before having my children. I felt a little despair since I was (still am btw) a very busy mom and wife how on earth was I going to find the time to sit and plan out my diet, my training, my husband’s meals not to mention the kids, the dog the cat....well, you get what I mean right?
I knew I needed help, but I really didn't want the investment of a gym membership either as my husband works 12hr days and I had limited resources for child care.
I was afraid I'd spend the money and not even get to go to the gym often enough to even make the changes I so wanted to see. I was also concerned that even if I used a gym that had a play care system, I couldn't guarantee that my kids would be happy and again would affect how or if I'd get my training done.
That is when I decided to do some research on-line. I knew form well enough as I had already a few years gym experience prior to having my children, so I knew I didn't necessarily need help with that aspect....what I really needed help with was diet and training program design. The rest I could handle on my own.
Q: Many people feel online training will not work, why does it work for you and how do you make it work for you?
A: Good question! I love when people say "That won't work for me", especially without trying it out first, lol! My philosophy on most things applied is that the only reason it wouldn't work is if you DON'T DO THE WORK!
It's like saying I tried therapy and it didn't work.....Much like therapy, training is only as good as the person DOING the training......your trainer can be the best in the business, but if you aren't going to do what your prescribed to do as it was prescribed or reasonably so, of course it will not work for you, or anyone else for that matter.
It works for me, because I do the work, plain and simple.
Q: Many moms have a hard time - job or not, keeping on a regular exercise program and proper diet what makes you successful in this endeavor?
A: It is hard, I won't lie, but I think the trick is to not sweat the small stuff...making my diet and training part of my day to day really helps. I feed my husband mostly all of what I eat on my diets but do make extras or additional side dishes as well. Such as my husband getting extra helpings of starches and for my children I make separate meals from what my husband and I are eating, so they eat a lot of what most kids their age prefer, hot dogs, pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches (I use turkey wieners, whole wheat pastas, real cheddar and whole grain breads for my children).
They do eat some veggies but are still too young to appreciate the green veggies. As for training I fit it in when it fits easily into my day.....Some days it could early in the morning before anyone wakes, other days it could end up being broken into smaller training segments, and others I may just have time to do a workout DVD.....main thing is, is I get something anything done and don't beat myself up if I didn't get it done just right either.
Life happens on a daily basis around my house and I have learned to just roll with it.
Q: Do you think it’s ‘ladylike’ to lift weights and why?
A: Absolutely!!!! I don't know about 'ladylike', lol!! Definitely feel that a woman who trains hard and lifts weights pushing her own limits is much more of a woman than a 'lady' who fears the iron so to speak.
It's not just physical strength, but with it comes strength of character and a closer relationship with our bodies as women, as we begin to learn what we truly can accomplish......the options truly can seem limitless!
Q: You have been working out steady and strong for a few years now, what is your favorite exercise and why?
A: Plyometrics because it is a test of one's strength and stamina.....awesome for shaping and hardening legs while getting a good cardio workout too, means more fat burning potential. I also love training abs, I love the feel when I fatigue my abdominal wall.
Q: Eating clean can be difficult; do you have a favorite clean meal?
A: I have many actually. It's amazing what you can do with boneless skinless chicken breast, ground turkey breast.....again the options are limitless, but I am a foodie.
I love to cook and play with foods in the kitchen......I think one of my faves for clean comfort foods would be chili made with ground turkey.....I get creative with what type of beans I use, I'll add spinach and ground flax as well.
Q: What tips can you give other moms with young children at home, which can help them stay meal organized and keep up a training schedule?
A: Best advice I could give moms at home, is to take charge of your groceries. You are the one who is feeding the family or directing how the family should be fed.....Lead by example. Kids will eat whatever you eat according to their tastes, if you let them. My daughter eats whole grain breads all the time and orders dry brown with her breakfasts out when asking for a grilled cheese.
Don't force anything on anyone, but DO force yourself to stick to your plan. It's not them who will derail your efforts.
Same goes for your training.....set time aside; plan a time of day when you know is a quiet time around the house. Let that time be YOURS to train, invite the kids to be near if they need to be, but make sure they understand that you are exercising at the moment and unless it is an emergency you have no intentions of stopping. Now emergencies in my household are needing to put in or remove a DVD, stop a fight, change a pull-up...and of course personal injury, lol!
If I haven't got my training in by 5pm I know my day is I plan ahead.
As for husbands, they get a little funny at first but believe me when they see the results coming in, they soon will be keeping the kids busy for you so you can get your training in, lol!!
Q: Once you have accomplished so many of your fitness goals, what happens then?
A: Reread my response to the 4th question!! I really feel the options are limitless, and I sincerely intend to be the fittest, firmest little blue haired momma in the retirement residence many years from now........maybe then I will find time to compete, lol!!

1 med ww pita
3-4oz chicken breast (roasted and marinated in evoo and lemon and garlic)
1tbs feta (fat reduced)
1c spinach or arugula
1tbs chopped red peppers
1tbs sweet onion
1tbs of chopped black olives or can use avocado but reduce evoo splash to just vinegar and spices
Sprinkle with oregano and splash with evoo, apple cider vinegar....Yumm!!
Cals: 432
44% fat
23% Carbs
33% Protein
Erin's Note: I use flat bread, but fit day doesn't have any values for it.


  1. HEY LizzyB !! TC here, great write up ! congratulations. And I want your M&F Hers tank top!!