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Monday, February 7, 2011

Passion Fruit God's Candy

While I am cutting out sugar habits which I had adapted during my year off competition I find myself turning to other sources to satisfy my sweet tooth.
I am about 6 months out from competition so fruit is still in my diet for awhile and depending how I look a month out it may stay in there til show.

One of my favorite 'go to' fruits which are very rare and hard to find is the passion fruit. I am lucky enough to live by an Urban Fare which tend to keep odd foods such as this fruit.
They are not cheap, right now about 2 bucks a piece but so is chocolate so why not eat something healthy.

Passion fruit is not just a cute tasty fruit, it has phytochemicals presently thought to help inhibit cancer cells. It is also said to help relieve asthma symptoms by reducing allergy and respiratory tract infections. Whooping cough was also shown to benefit from this fruit.
Vitamins A and C plus fiber are all nutrients of passion fruit.
There are more studies being done now on all sorts of rare plants including this fruit and its leaves which are said to have pain reduction effects. Of course western world is just figuring out what many already knew looooong time ago.

I have seen the fruit in the larger sized, sweeter, yellowish orange and in smaller, egg sized, purple black color which I find a bit more tangy than other. I will take whichever are in stock and usually there are not many so I get no less than 4 and sometimes just take them all. They last well even just on your kitchen table, and although the purple ones can get rippled its not cuz they are bad, they just get sweeter and seem to last a long time. I have never had one go bad so I am not sure how long it actually takes but I can say you are good for 4-7 days for sure. I do not refrigerate them so that may also affect the length of last.

Many people, even some of the cashiers where I buy these ask how they look and taste, how do you eat them? Look at the photo above, you get to see 2 of the Caribbean bred passion fruits. They are not appealing on the inside but the taste makes up for it well and the purple are pretty much the same looking on the inside.

You can use the insides for juice or dressings but I like to cut open the top and spoon it out and eat it. The seeds pop as you chew them somewhat and have a neat texture but most of all for me... the flavor satisfies my sugar cravings.
It does have an avg of 5 gm sugar not a big deal and if you eat a couple its not going to be over the top.

I am now finding that sweetener tends to give me headaches and extreme vision issues which upon googling seems to be a common side effect complained of so that means no more sweetener/diet products for me.
This can be limiting for us vegetarians who are seeking to lower our body fat into the single digits! Passion fruit are just one of my 'go to' items for sugar cravings. I will post about more as I go along in the next 6 mths of contest prep.

Watch for some of my V blogs which will be posted here and my youtube channels.

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