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Friday, July 20, 2012

"Fresh Foods" Time of Year

Accessibility to seasonal fresh produce is at it's peak and does not have to be of high cost.
Its much more affordable to concentrate some of your income toward the investment of YOU by considering more visits to the Fruit and Veggie Market and less visits to the Pub, super mart and food joint.  Unless you are savvy enough to know where to find fresh fast foods you should simply shop for them.  There are many places you can find good choices so next time you do eat out be wise about where you go and what they have available to you.  Treats should be left for the weekend.
There will always be an assortement of colorful fruits and veggies you can sort through and find at lower cost.  Base your meals around whats available and suits your budget.
Lean proteins are easy to find and can be affordable whether you go with eggs, beans, lean meats or fish.  There are always sales as long as you can be flexible.
Berry picking is a great way to stock up healthy fresh phytochemicals.  Have some fresh, cook with some, jar and freeze the rest for use in smoothies and daily menu.  This is fun and cheaper than buying them at the market.
Try growing a few of your own plants such as tomatos or spices like parsley.   Minimal efforts can give you a great and healthy result.

Photo credit for top 2 shots Priyanka Chakrabarti

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