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Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Fitness Championships

Thank you

I wanted to start off with saying THANK YOU so kindly for all your support.
I was so busy Fri and up to now receiving blessings from all my clients, friends, family and fans.
My phone nearly screamed at me at one point as I had more texts and voice mail than ever ......and I loved all the well wishing calls and texts, even emails, my fitness gals keeping up on me and how I feel, you cannot buy that kind of caring and love!

Now to answer the most popular question I have been getting, how did I do?  
I placed 2nd.
Sorry for not dressing up for your for this pic, but I am so bagged and you know me, usually no make up anyway!  I barely slept the past few nights with nervous energy and you could see it on my face on stage.
Things ran a bit longer at night and by the time it was done I was ripping off my fake nails and eyelashes as I was leaving the theater!  Unlike most of the competitors back stage I had no thirst, no hunger nor low energy levels as I was up to 2 gallon water per day until Fri then I dropped to a gallon and had about a liter or so on show day.  I also was eating like it was a food marathon all week, up to 30 oz fish per day for protein, egg whites, rice cakes with pb and lots of them, lots of yams, green beans and asparagus.  I did not cut much carb through the whole process I just ate the right kinds.  I did not feel depleted at all!  I came in about 122 lbs and around 5%bf.

AM Show 

Thanks to David Aboody for the pix!

I am on the far left.

AM pre judging went well.  I got some candy curls put in my hair for physique round and Amy Ardizzone from made me this custom 'Sicilian Godess' bikini.

My routine was adjusted very late in the game due to a knee injury 3 weeks before comp.  I had to make drastic changes in order to perform at all and was doing this up to 3 days before stage day.  When you see the routine you will notice I don't put much weight on my right leg nor do I use it much, I fake it well.  I did catch some technical mistakes in moves due to knee restriction but overall I pulled it off.  I had great response and the routine was much more appreciated than I imagined considering my normal dynamic routines with this one being so grounded and simplified.

The band on my arm is not so visible, it says RIP MJ in crystals.

PM Show
All the girls were feeling great, ready to get this done and we came out after some bodybuilders.  Unfortunately the stage was oily which affected the routine for 3 of us.  One girl hurt a knee, I tweaked mine and another girl slipped with hands and face planted a few times.  We all hope to be better for Nationals in 6 weeks.  It's not fun but its something that is hard to help with these types of shows since oil is present.

Overall the energy of the show and competitors backstage was very positive.  Lots of laughs, support, everyone helping each other prep.  I loved performing Michael Jackson even so I was unable to really 'give er'.  I have been a fan since age 12 and I felt this was the time to honor him.

Now its time to prep and heal for National Canadians which are here this year at the same theater on Aug 11, 2012.  I can work on polishing the routine as best my knee allows and make it cleaner!
In a couple weeks I am getting an MRI and then I will know if I need knee surgery but I can tell you right now, if this instability does not improve I want it fixed!  I need to jump again!!!!

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