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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Training no matter what!

So here I am out in LA, last minute decision.  I needed a bit of a break from personal life so I hopped a plane and went away!
I love it here, very warm, my Mediterranean body loves this!  With more forethought I may have been able to set up some photo shoots but unfortunately did not but here are some shots of my time here so far.
I took a day or so off from diet and training but got right back at it yesterday with an hour bike, 45 weights for all body then later run up to the Hollywood sign and back, which was about 45 or an hour, to be honest I haven't been looking at time much, just going with the flow, no plans, no stress and its been great!!
Time with me, myself and I has been great for growth.  I have found things like fish n veggies at places which are cooked clean and have been eating nuts and such to keep me going.  Not exactly my diet but still doing well, I still show very lean, veins all out in my tummy and arms etc, I feel super skinny but buff and holding it well!
Comp is Aug 11 so I am going to get on practicing routine once I get back home in a few days as I took time off from that since June 30th but at this point I do know it well, lets hope the stage is kept clean of oil this time around and maybe at the night show us girls won't break our neck wobbling and slipping like at the night show for the BCS, which tweaked my knee.
Its better now, so much so  I can run a bit now.  YEAH BABY!!!!

Here are a few shots to take you through my lazy hazy dayz here, well a day lazy, I worked out the rest of them.  I found this on a walk, so beautiful!!  Bird of Paradise, thought those were only found so easily in Hawaii!

Here is a typical view, typical plants found here, so nice, but was overcast for first 2 days.....guess I brought it from Vanc!

This was a neat painting on a random wall for a restaurant I believe, cannot recall the name but loved the art!!

Again not sure of name of this bldg but loved the churchy look of it.

Here we have a park where they city has put in this bodyweight, kid parkesque type exercises pieces which were being used by many, very, very cool.  We need more of this in Vanc.

Here is some shots I took on my run up to the Hollywood sign, great workouts that day, an hour bike, hour weights then about an hour up and down here, and me at the top!

If you look carefully below in this shot you can see a CIA helicopter landing.

I had this girl in my head for months.....I had a canvas prepped for her and another one still in my head, finally able to relax enough to get a draft done of her ready to put her on canvas.  No pencils here so I used pen and sharpees to draft her up!  Now to get the other one done for the set!

So, ready to go out Friday but never did get to a club or anything......but hey the red dress looks great hey???

More later babes!!!

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